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Nobody Cares What Candice Thinks

This blog entry is brought to you by political angst and a lack of sleep.

Article by Candice Shane (Email)
October 11th 2005, 09:03PM

Why are politicians so pushy about trying to rid of us our maturely rated videogames? How come we can't actually put the responsibility into the hands of the parents and guardians who allow their kids to buy their games? Why must it be the fault of the media and the gaming companies? Is this fair? How come Governor Arnold felt he needed to spend taxpayer dollars on putting forth another bill to be overturned on the exact same issues? We know, alright? We get it. You hate violent videogames yet you were in the g-damn Terminator.

Ignore me, it's almost two in the afternoon and I've been sitting here combing through new stories and getting scared to death by someone's cruel internet hoax. I thought I was going to see Jessica Alba naked but then some bloody red zombie bride shows up and ruins the show. I bet all you guys out there now how it is, you think you're getting grade-A porn and then you're faced with something totally hideous and deformed. It's a slap in the face, I tell you.

On another more non-illicit front, I'm waiting on some games currently to get played for some upcoming reviews. City of Heroes: Collector's Edition will be the first one up there, hopefully but I'd like to get X3: The Reunion done as long as there are no complications. I know I started here as a console reviewer, but I've been hitting it hard with some PC games lately. I've never been a huge PC gamer, I always seemingly stuck to my consoles when there was something to be played. Perhaps all this new coverage will give me something to actually praise my new PC for. Who knows? Maybe I'll like it more than I thought I would.

Also, upcoming is a nice little news chunk about Turner Broadcasting's GameTap. What it is? No clue. Just got an email with a cute and cryptic little flash about how it's coming. Like the apocalypse, Turner Broadcasting is eventually coming out with something on the 17th of this month. Let's just hope and pray it's more interesting than the Flash file suggested. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all.

We're rapidly approaching the release of Xbox360, aren't we? I know I'm not getting it on launch and I've no intent on getting it for quite awhile. Something seems wrong to me about getting a system that will so obviously have designer flaws right off the assembly line and I'm not trying to rack up shipping charges to Microsoft. You guys can rush to the stores and pre-order your little hearts' out. I'll be on my computer, tapping out the right combinations to make my super-villian dance.

Because sh*t like that is way important to me. Totally. Why do you think I played Guild Wars so long? Sure, I loved the aspect of getting armor through missions and aiding my friends in pre-searing battles, but most of the fun was trying to find out which emote looked the most like heavy petting. Okay, whatever, act like you didn't do it either. Go ahead, act like it.

Man, I'm out of things to say. Time to go read some Penny Arcade and slink into my room to take a nap before I hit my second wind. Later, folks!

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