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A monthly reflection of our gaming exercises.

Article by TNL Staff (Email)
September 3rd 2008, 03:19AM

Welcome to a new monthly column in which select staffers will present a brief gaming highlight summary based upon new releases, familiar classics and more.

Chris Scantleberry

In between my new work-related responsibilities as a supervisor, family and sleep, it's been a miracle trying to find time to game. The past few weeks were spent playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 via 2DF (an alternative PC emulation program that's more stable than MAME, Kawaks and Final Burn put together). The amount of dedication ultimately paid off after making a recent trip to my old arcade at the Big Apple's Chinatown Fair.

Ok, I didn't make the trip just to face off against people in Alpha 3, it had more to do with Capcom's latest entry, SFIV which has made raised my anticipation level even higher. My fiance and I have also found a new game that we can mutually enjoy: Rock Band. It's an accesible game for all players provided that you're willing to give the game a chance. I think the popularity finally started to intrique her and the timing could have been better since the sequel is about to arrive in stores September 14th. Until then, I've gotta keep my skills sharp so I can tackle the new songs Harmonix has in store for fans.

Andrew Calvin

Besides Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, RPGs have been taking over my life once again. On the PSP, Puzzle Quest has taken the puzzle formula and fused it with RPG elements to create an addicting adventure. Though not without its faults, I can?t wait for the next installment, announced for early next year.

a fan of Level-5 and having recently finishing Professor Layton, I?ve wanted to get to Rogue Galaxy and am enjoying the real-time combat and superb production values I?ve come to expect from such a solid development company. Unfortunately, my review build of Disgaea 3 on the PlayStation 3 came this weekend, so Rogue Galaxy will have to wait.

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