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Pepcom's eFocus '06 Highlights

GN enjoys a festive event with small and large hardware manufacturers.

Article by Edward Boyke (Email)
May 11th 2006, 05:40AM

Held annually on the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Pepcom's eFocus technology showcase at the California Market Center could be described as a miniature version of E3's Kentia Hall.

If Kentia Hall had an open bar at each corner and several gourmet buffets in the center of the room! This year's theme was "eFocus eXtreme," and the event featured extreme sports decorations of all kinds, including real dirtbike displays, faux-graffiti covered brick walls, and skaters blasting off launch ramps atop a back stage. Happily, the extreme theme seemed to extend to the bartenders' drink pouring as well.

While journalists might've been enticed by the prospect of the refreshments as much as the technology on display, plenty of interesting exhibitors had booths, like Voodoo PC, Alienware (featuring an eXtreme Superman-themed laptop), the In Focus hi-def gaming projector, the Piano Wizard program for PC, I4U News, and massive multiplayer game project The Chronicles of Spellborn. NoFear models even gave attendees a parting gift of a yard-long Slim Jim upon exit. Now if that's not eXtreme, I don't know what is.

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