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Show Report: VGXPO

East Coast gamers kick it "old school" in Philly.

Article by Travis Fahs (Email)
November 16th 2005, 08:50AM

This weekend, gamers in the Philadelphia area converged on the Fort Washington Expo center for VGXPO, the largest gaming convention with a focus on classic gaming on the East Coast. VGXPO is a re-branding of the Philly Classic convention, a result of a partnership with NBC which will help bring the show to different locations nationwide. Earlier this year Dallas residents were treated to their first classic gaming show, but the Philadelphia show remains the flagship event.

The show floor was packed this year

Philly Classic began 6 years ago, and in just 2 short years grew from not much larger than a single room in a hotel lobby to a huge convention with thousands of attendees. Despite the fact that organizers have dropped the "classic" label in recognition of some of the newer platforms on display at the show (and the show didn't really have a greater emphasis on the new), VGXPO is still all about nostalgia.

Where else can a man
use his Pitfall cartridge costume?

Ralph Baer, widely hailed as the father of video gaming, and the inventor of the Odyssey, the first television game, was bestowed with the show's first lifetime achievement award, and also stuck around to speak, sign books, and even do some mingling. His original Odyssey prototype, the first machine to display a manipulatable pixel on a television screen was on display for show attendees to gawk at and fiddle with. Composer and TV host Tommy Tallarico was also present, hocking CDs and talking to fans.

Ralph Baer's prototype that started it all

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