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Sound Off: Super Street Fighter II Turbo XBLA Petition

Show your support to bring one of Capcom's classic 2D fighters to Xbox Live Arcade.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
September 6th 2006, 05:23AM

The XBAND service was a product that was truly ahead of its time. One of the biggest highlights for me was that it gave me the opportunity to play against other avid Street Fighter II players throughout the continental U.S. area. Although its success was short-lived, many envisioned that this would usher bigger and better services in near future.

Fast forward to 2006 and in spite of our technology leaps, gamers still haven't experienced a virtual, arcade experience online. While it's no secret that Hyper Street Fighter II fell several notches short of the mark, diehard fans of the fighting game community have created a petition addressed to Capcom in the hopes that an "arcade perfect" version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo will be developed for Xbox Live Arcade. Ever since its release, SSF2T remains a huge favorite within the fighting game community as evidenced by its continued appearance in numerous tournaments thoughout the globe.

The petition reads as follows:

To: Capcom of U.S.A./Japan

We, the Fighting Game Community, request Capcom [of U.S.A./Japan] to offer an arcade-perfect translation of the most famous Street Fighter game to date, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, to be released on Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Furthermore, we also request that steps be taken to totally revamp the network protocols currently used for fighting games on Xbox Live Arcade, so that lag is negligible and random disconnects are extremely rare.


The Undersigned

I seriously hope that Capcom will take these requests into account and that all of you out there who are also fans of the game will show your support. Click here to access the petition and add your name!!!

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