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Speed Freek Report

Who doesn't love an unfair advantage?

Article by Valerie Hilgenfeldt (Email)
May 6th 2008, 12:45AM

Unfortunately, and also like many other creations, the Speed Freek can't handle much abuse. Its inventor emphasizes this, and forewarns users that it shouldn't be employed for first-person shooters, or any similarly analog-intense titles. If you're rough with your controllers, it's doubtful this lightweight Freek snap-on will last. Whereas many users may call this a defect, a heavier version could take away from the gentle movement this version allows. You'll just have to take good care of it.

As long as that sounds manageable (I store mine in the cylindrical container it came in), and you're into anything involving racing, you'll want to give the Speed Freek attachments a go. They're not nearly as expensive as a Robot Operating Buddy once was, you can use them for more than a couple of games, and they'll give you an advantage over the non-believers. As for those of you non-racers, Kontrol Freek has more peripheral mods in the pipeline, including one for you FPS lovers.

Prepare yourselves, because this could be one sign of a movement. We already have accessories that range from the useful (rechargeable batteries) to the purely cosmetic (custom-cut stickers for console d├ęcor). This lands somewhere in-between. Someday, you're going to find a knock-off Kontrol Freek add-on in a gas station mini-mart, right alongside all those flimsy iPod cases. Well... maybe not.

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