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The B-Side, Volume 7

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Article by Dave Beaudoin (Email)
November 16th 2005, 01:09AM

The B-Side: Rain's Better Than Snow Edition

November, November, November. It seems like you just began, and now you're slipping away.

As I look at the calendar, I can't believe that Turkey Day -- a favorite among fat kids like me -- is next Thursday. My family will be comin' down from the ol' homestead and going with me to my fiance's parents house for some of her mom's delicious home cookin'. My mom loves it because she's not much of a cook, and Thanksgiving hasn't been the same since my grammy Niles (my mother's mom) passed away; she used to do the cooking with the help of my mom and aunts. Now we sort of have this renewed sense of family on the day of thanks which was lost back when my gram passed away.

I know that my fellow GN'ers come from all over the country, but I'm sure one or two in the New England area fully understand the weirdness that has been the weather forecast. On one hand, it's blisteringly cold it is outside, but on the other hand, there's rain coming down. The weather has been so incredibly weird the past week. We've gone from high 50's and low 60's to days like today that top off around 40. Whatever the hell Mother Nature's smokin', she needs to quit. I'm just hoping this meteorogical anomoly will continue, at least 'til Ash and I move into our new place.

Did I mention that I was moving?

It's not across the country. Nor is it out of state. Hell, it's not even across town. The new digs are literally two blocks north of where we are now, up on a much more quiet street. The place we'll be moving into is this charming little one bedroom apartment with a great floor-plan which consists of a large kitchen, a good-sized living room, and an absolutely huge bedroom. It'll be nice to actually have a bedroom where we can fit Ash's favorite vanity/dresser, and I can use her smaller one; an upgrade from my combo of a laundry bin and a bedstand (hey, I never said I was high maintenance).

Since I last wrote an edition of the B-Side, my fiance has been home and doing very well. While she's on blood-thinners 'til the doctors say otherwise, her check-ups have been where they should be, and her latest appointment -- with the surgeon who did the back surgery -- went very well. He said she's in really good shape, and actually lifted a little bit of her restrictions. She can actually get up from time to time without her brace. That definitely made her day, 'cuz she's sick of putting the damn thing on just to take a short trip to the kitchen or bathroom.

I know I've touched on the impending release of the Xbox 360 a few times over the past month. If I were to say I wasn't excited about the system, I'd most certainly be lying. I'm not excited enough to be ready to wait in line for one -- my budget wouldn't allow it -- but after seeing the system for myself at Best Buy last week, I'm beginning to see what all the hub-bub is about. There is a little more to the story than you can glean from screenshots and low-res Quicktime clips. The games, especially Call of Duty 2 and Kameo, look un-fucking-believable. If you haven't seen them yet, you owe it to yourself to find a store with a 360 on display.

Believe me when I say just get a peek and you will believe.

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