The Games of San Diego Comic Con 2007: Capcom Booth Tour Feature - The Next Level

The Games of San Diego Comic Con 2007: Capcom Booth Tour

Umbrella Chronicles, Harvey Birdman, DMC4, and... Afro Legends?

Article by Edward Boyke (Email)
August 1st 2007, 12:21PM

Reloading is done by flicking the Wiimote to one side, which requires a second or two of cease-fire while the screen reads “loading." Not cool if a zombie's up in your grill. But I soon discovered that you can cut that interval almost in half if you just keep jamming on the fire button. You'll start firing again before the loading text disappears. Another issue is that once a zombie gets ahold of you, the only course of action is to shoot it off or use your knife, and it's easy to lose your bearings as they thrash you about. When in doubt, just keep shooting!

Graphically, Umbrella Chronicles is not going to approach RE5. In fact, it's not that far above RE4. But it does have decent lighting for the Wii, and the amount of zombies pushed around on screen at one time provides a satisfying challenge. The character models are large, and when a bunch of them start heading for you, it creates an appropriate sense of panic. The graphics seemed to get better as the game progressed. I was getting into it by the time I'd made it past a horde of rabid dogs and into the sewers, glimpsing giant tarantulas waiting in the shadows. The game's pace is deliberate, but it kept me interested in seeing what was around the next corner.

Too bad my five minutes were up right then (OK, more like ten minutes because the rep became distracted with DMC4), and I had to give up the controller. I was fresh out of grenades anyway. Bottom line: Expect a competent Wii gun shooter--nothing more or less--and you just might find Umbrella Chronicles a fun romp. House of the Dead fans, this is your game.

After that, I didn't have a chance to go hands-on with Devil May Cry 4, but I did watch it in action for awhile. The gameplay looked smooth and in keeping with the style of the PS2 titles, except that main character Nero has a "devil bringer" ability to grab distant enemies with a go-go gadget arm. The huge castle environments looked great, nice textures and lighting, though not quite head of the class for the PS3 (Heavenly Sword, Killzone 2), but not far off. One lone exception was an underwhelming area of the level that took place in the snow outside, where there wasn't much detail to be found among the drifts and sparse columns.

Upon my exit, I was offered the choice of a parting gift: a Resident Evil 3 CD case or a Darkwatch T-shirt. What, no Umbrella Chronicles logo souvenir umbrella?

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