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The Year in Review 2005

Kept you waitin' huh? The highly anticipated annual wrap-up you've been waiting for.

Article by TNL Staff (Email)
January 18th 2006, 12:30AM



Several hours ago at the virtual TNL Offices...

Bahn: Due to extenuating circumstances, Chris will not be introducing the 2005 Year in Review feature.

Shadow: [Looking at his watch] Yes. He sucks. Are we getting paid for this?

Bahn: No. We're doing this as a favor.

Shadow: *shrugs* Whatever. He just wants to play DOA4 all day.

Bahn: [smirks] Can't say I blame him. That game rocks.

Shadow: Even if he does manage to get schooled by button mashers. Bwahaha.

Bahn: [smirks] Riiiiight. Anyways, for the next several minutes, the TNL team discusses their personal picks of 2005 outlined in the form of a Top 5 List. In addition, each editor offered a brief summary of highlights from the previous year and gaming-related aspirations for the new year.

Shadow: Brief? Did you see how much Ross and Chris wrote? What a bunch of blabbermouths.

Bahn: [smirks] Do you have anything constructive to add to this segment?

Shadow: Yes. I had nothing to do with its delay. We done here, yet?

Bahn: [smirks] I suppose we are. We hope you enjoy all the hard work that went into this feature. Without further ado...on with the show!!!

(A door opens and enters one of GN's editors. He notices something odd.)

James: Uh, Chris? Who you talking to?

Chris: [Acts puzzled] Nobody...

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