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The Year in Review 2006

A look back at our definitive picks of last year.

Article by TNL Staff (Email)
January 10th 2007, 04:30PM



If there's one thing we love about this industry, it's that every generation is a new start. Coke and Pepsi have been squaring off for decades, but every five years, the gaming public picks their new industry leader and there's no way to ever know who will come out on top. The video game industry chews up and spits out its dominant brands faster than professional football players, and it's during that transitional year when the fate of the next four is decided.

This last year saw the launch of the PS3 and Wii, and it was this year that the 360 hit its stride. How many would have guessed that Nintendo could outsell Sony during their first holiday season? Surely there were many cynics who weren't buying Nintendo's "graphics aren't that important" line, but the last (real) E3 surprised everyone when the media gushed over novel control schemes and shrugged at Cell.

No longer able to coast on last generation's success, we finally got to see the launch of some new franchises. The next Halo, Mario, and Grand Theft Auto are all lined up for '07, so 2006 was about showing was about building the new names that will define this generation. Gears of War, Resistance, Prey, and many others were embraced by the public and helped the industry shake off some of the creative cobwebs amassed during the tide of sequels in the last couple years.

And yet, there's still the sense that 2006 will be quickly gone from our minds. As much fun as it's been to see the start of something new, there's just too much too look forward to next year. So before BioShock and Metal Gear Solid 4 eclipse everything we've marveled at this year, our Year in Review puts a bow on the year past.

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