A Miserable Podcast of Secrets 13 Feature - The Next Level

A Miserable Podcast of Secrets 13

The Name-drop Episode

Article by Nick Vlamakis (Email)
February 26th 2012, 02:21AM

TNL founder Chris Scantleberry and Corey Coleman join us to discuss (among many other topics):

  • Nick on lithium, babbling about Japan and hyphens
  • A bbobb is a type of sponge
  • Is Japan really anything like it is in anime and games?
  • Corey is worth any six Japanese workers or one thousand teachers
  • Say "no" to kancho
  • Old TNL dirty laundry
  • TNL's niche
  • Passive-aggressive public relations people
  • Outlasting better-funded sites
  • Bahn holds forth on SoulCalibur V
  • What influences a fighting game patch
  • The contemporary face of competitive fighting games
  • Gems and easier execution in fighters
  • Rage-quitting in forums, trolling in fighting games
  • "The Fellowship of the Thigh"
  • Not being apologetic for taking full advantage of a character's abilities
  • Training in SoulCalibur V and Street Fighter X Tekken
  • UFC Undisputed 3 can teach Capcom a thing or two
  • More international relations Resident Evil style
  • What Raid Leader needs to be a five-star game
  • Strolling along in The Darkness
  • L.A. Noire suffers in the sandbox
  • Controlling your ship in DoDonPachi iOS (don't melt your eyes)
  • Where does iPad gaming fit?
  • Mass Effect 2 hijinks
  • Valkyrie Profile is pronounced "the best RPG ever made"

Chun-Li kicking next to the classic TNL logo

A Miserable Podcast of Secrets

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Miserable Podcast of Secrets - Episode 13.


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