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A Miserable Podcast of Secrets 14

It's a Kind of Porn for a Certain Age Group

Article by Nick Vlamakis (Email)
March 7th 2012, 12:14PM

This week's podcast is well worth the wait. We are joined once again by Jonathan Hurtado and Corey Coleman to discuss great video game magazines and Web sites, past and present. We also talk at length about how different outlets handle reviews and whether scores like 88/100 make sense. Some of the topics we touch on include:

  • The pre-NES era is a footnote
  • The Nintendo Fun Club News, starring Howard Phillips and . . . Eric Manch?
  • Nintendo Power, with free Dragon Warrior cartridge
  • Articles as ads
  • The Nintendo Hotline helps Nick impress Athena
  • Getting the shaft from the game counselors
  • When gaming information was actually scarce
  • GamePro, not just for kids, but - yeah - mostly for kids
  • The biggest fighting game rivalry of the 90s: Scary Larry versus Slasher Quan
  • GamePro's sweet Street Fighter II strategy guide
  • There was an Elevator Action 2?
  • ProTip: Use the controller to move your character
  • EGM is orange juice to GamePro's apple juice
  • Real game mags have at least two hundred pages
  • EGM2 rides the wave
  • Shen Long as a playable character and other EGM April Fools' pranks
  • "LamePro" fails to entertain
  • Seanbaby, however, excels at entertaining - but no cue cards, please
  • Ultra Game Players - two steps above "LamePro"
  • Diehard GameFan - the store and the magazine
  • One of us doesn't really get the GameFan thing
  • The GameGo supernova (blam!)
  • Jonathan remembers Hardcore Gamer like some people remember a mugging
  • Gamers' Republic - all Flash and no go?
  • Next Generation Magazine - great at industry coverage, bad at predictions
  • Mzo's sheltered from naughty books
  • Does anyone read The Escapist?
  • Banned from the Penny Arcade forums, twice
  • NeoGAF's version of a gaming forum
  • GameCritics' version of a review site
  • What the heck happened to Tom Chick?
  • The demise of Daily Radar
  • Other bookmarks - plus, comments so bad, you have to look
  • Niche versus general sites
  • Getting around without reviews
  • The madness of review scores
  • How much should a reviewer take his audience into account?
  • Starting out in Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect
  • The Making of Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner
  • The Circle Pad Pro brings improvements to the 3DS
  • Playing Alan Wake
  • Identity crisis in The Darkness II
  • Does PaRappa really recognize a good freestyle rap?
  • Kingdom Hearts on the PSP can make you hate love

Monitaur from GameFan issue 1

A Miserable Podcast of Secrets

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