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A Miserable Podcast of Secrets 17

I Have This? At Home?

Article by Nick Vlamakis (Email)
April 3rd 2012, 02:55AM

Our three-parter on launch games continues with a look at line-ups from the Sega Saturn release through the original Xbox release. We cover a lot of ground, but here are just some of the discussion points:

  • Voice mail #1 from Korian
  • An aside about horizontal shooters
  • A short history of the Saturn, as told by Mzo
  • The Saturn sneaks up and kicks kids in the tailbone
  • Virtua Fighter's shortcomings
  • PlayStation conceived: Nintendo's folly
  • PlayStation launch games cause mass hypnosis
  • Deciphering "eNOS Lives" and other Sony-think
  • The 2012 Toshinden/Street Fighter: The Movie challenge
  • When 3D/CD console gaming was novel
  • The Sega NetLink is the Dreamcast's John the Baptist
  • Nintendo does it differently (on purpose) with the Nintendo 64
  • Losing Square to the PlayStation
  • The singular achievement of Super Mario 64
  • We also agree on the Dreamcast
  • Admit it: VMUs were a good idea (see Chao-napping)
  • Tolerating Sonic Adventure
  • Mzo rages for absolutely no reason while at PAX
  • Waiting for the PS2, killing the Dreamcast
  • Why FantaVision was Nick's favorite PS2 launch title
  • When comic book villains roll over for you
  • The best and worst of Rogue Squadron
  • Luigi's Mansion - garbage that wasn't bad?
  • What would have made the GameCube launch better?
  • Microsoft goes big
  • In praise of Project Gotham Racing
  • A visitor's guide to Oddworld and Lorne Lanning
  • MLB 12: The Show on the PS3 and Vita from a novice's point of view
  • A ton of Mass Effect 3 talk
  • A quarter-ton of Silent Hill 2 talk
  • Voice mail #2 from Korian

Sega spokesman Segata Sanshiro

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