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Weekend Report, 11/29

Have some fun with a rogue agent, aliens, or enjoy a tale or two with the newest weekly game guide.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
November 29th 2004, 08:42PM

If there are any more blockbuster, or at least critically acclaimed, titles then now is the time to ship them. EA dumped its second-to-last mass-market offering (not that EA has any other kind of offering) this week, and with Prince of Persia next week that's pretty much it for all the high-profile games this year.

There are still a few odds and ends to trickle in later, like a few Nintendo DS stragglers and maybe an Xbox game or two, but other than that it's just about time to get those Year in Review lists and columns tallied. Hopefully the season hasn't been so brutal that smaller titles with charm to spare, such as Alien Hominid or this week's Growlanser, get totally steamrolled by the weight of everything that came before.

Total number of titles previously released this holiday season: 403
Titles released last week: 16
Total number of titles since September: 419

Week of November 22 - November 27

Tuesday, November 23

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent (PS2, Gamecube, Xbox)
Atari Anthology (PS2)
MC Groovz (GC)
Scaler (GC)
Fear Factor (GBA)
World of Warcraft (PC)
Sid Meier's Pirates (PC)
Alexander (PC)
Requiem (N-Gage)

Friday, November 26

Outlaw Golf 2 (PS2)
American Chopper (PS2)
Alien Hominid (Gamecube)
Pocket Kingdom (N-Gage)
Pathway to Glory (N-Gage)

Week of November 29 - December 4

Tuesday, November 30

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (GBA)

Wednesday, December 1

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (PS2, GC, Xbox, PC)
Growlanser Generations (PS2)
World Championship Poker (Xbox)
Metal Slug (GBA)
Mr. Driller (DS)

Thursday, December 2

Kuon (PS2)
Gungriffon: Allied Strike (Xbox)

Friday, December 3

Cabela's Big Game Hunter: 2005 Adventures (GC)
American Chopper (Xbox)

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