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Weekend Review, 8/22

Not really the start of the holiday gaming season, because that would just be wrong.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
August 22nd 2005, 09:07AM

It was 85 and muggy on the day this was typed, so Summer is pretty obviously not over yet. You'd never guess it from the release list though, as last week saw a healthy crop of games come through and next week looks to follow suit quite nicely. Darkwatch and Death Jr. provided gothic shooter action, while Geist brought ghostly hauntings in an FPS format. The old school got the Xbox version of the Metal Slug collection while Sonic Gems finally brought Sonic CD out of obscurity.

Next week is no slouch either. Namco repackages their arcade games for what must be the hundredth time, but this time on PSP, while also trying something a bit different with Pac 'N Roll. The urban crowd get brawling with Beatdown and driving with Ride or Die, leading one to wonder how anyone in the inner city can get anything done with all those bodies lying about. The Nintendo DS in particular is having a nice week with three titles, two of which are direct from Nintendo. Nintendogs and Advance Wars somehow show up in the exact same week the DS drops in price to $130. It's almost like Nintendo is fighting some kind of console war or something.

Week of August 15 - August 20

Tuesday, August 16 Geist (Gamecube)
First-person adventure where you can posses both the living and inanimate objects.

Wednesday, August 17

Darkwatch (PS2, Xbox)
If the Wild West was run by goths, it would look something like this FPS.

Sonic Gems (GC)
Sonic CD, finally available on a modern system, and several other Sonic games.

Death Jr. (PSP)
Third-person action, with a goth twist.

Sigma Star Saga (GBA)
RPG/Adventure/Side-scrolling shooter for when one genre just won't do.

Dungeon Siege II (PC)
Diablo-esque fantasy RPG.

Final Fantasy XI: The Vana'diel Collection (PC)
FFXI and its expansion pack, in one convenient box.

Sacred: Underworld (PC)
Expansion pack for the PC RPG.

Thursday, August 18

EyeToy Play 2 (PS2)
More minigames for the Sony EyeToy.

Madden NFL 2006 (PC)
Still the only NFL game in town.

Friday, August 19

Metal Slug 3 & 4 (Xbox)
Side-scrolling shooter for those who like their games brutal.

Week of August 22 - August 27

Tuesday, August 23

Hello Kitty; Roller Rescue (GC)
Hello Kitty issues a beatdown on aliens who have taken over her town.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike (DS)
Turn-based military strategy with a cute Nintendo twist.

Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends (DS)
Nintendogs: Dachsund & Friends (DS)
Nintendogs: Lab & Friends (DS)

Awww.... Puppies!

Wednesday, August 24

187: Ride or Die (PS2, Xbox)
Driving, shooting while driving, thugging while driving.

Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance (PS2, Xbox)
Urban brawler.

Big Mutha Truckers 2 (PS2, Xbox, PC)
The GTA of trucking games, if trucking games were a genre.

Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (PS2, Xbox, GC)
Hulk does what Hulk does best- Smash!!!

Pump It Up: Exceed (PS2, Xbox)
Dancing game, complete with mat, with arrows on the diagonals.

World Series of Poker (PS2, Xbox, PC)
Apparently it's some sort of card game involving gambling. Games played with cards, what will they think of next?

NHRA Drag Racing (PS2)
It's all about acceleration.

Inu Yasha: Feudal Combat (PS2)
Anime fighter. Just don't think about the logic of Kagome thrashing Sesshomaru in a fight.

King of Fighters 02/03 (Xbox)
SNK puts a bit more of their fighting history back on a current-gen console.

Pac 'N Roll (DS)
A limbless PacMan rolls around the levels, Marble Madness style.

Namco Museum: Battle Collection (PSP)
The usual PacMan games joined by classics like Bosconian, Xevious, and many others.

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