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Weekly Report, 1/9

The first releases of a new year.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
January 9th 2006, 09:21AM

Week two of January brings the end of Christmas vacation at last. Not my vacation, of course, the entire industry fell asleep for a bit there. It's hard to draw up a list of titles when nothing comes out for three weeks straight.

After the "mainstream audience" releases of fall, it's nice to see a more "core gamer" set of titles available. The Megaman X and Castlevania collections (the latter sadly missing Circle of the Moon) gather up some scarce titles from the past, while PQ is a sequel to the first-gen PS1 title Intelligent Qube. Wild ARMs 4 and Samurai Showdown V continue the sequel theme, with the single completely original title (in more ways than one) being Electroplankton.

On a related note, Electroplankton is in very limited release at retail. It's supposed to be online only, in fact, but those who reserved it at EB/Gamestop will be able to snag it without having to mess around with website ordering. Kind of a bizarre way of getting a title out there, but at least it made a US release.

Week of January 9 - January 14

Tuesday, January 10

Megaman X Collection (PS2, GC)
Megaman X through Megaman X6, plus the Megaman cart racer.

Wild ARMs 4 (PS2)
The newest game in the quirky western RPG series, and the first from new publisher XSeed.

Samurai Showdown V (Xbox)
2D weapon-based SNK fighting goodness.

Electroplankton (DS)
Not so much a game as a musical toy.

Nicktoons Unite (DS)
Dozens of Nickelodeon cartoons fight dozens of other Nickelodeon cartoons.

PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient (PSP)
Grid-based logic action puzzling.

Castlevania Double Pack (GBA)
Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow on one handy cartridge.

YuGiOh GX Duel Academy (GBA)
Card battling school.

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