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Weekly Report, 4/18

Two weeks worth of titles lovingly handcrafted by only the most skilled of gaming artisans.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
April 18th 2005, 07:25AM

The weeks go by and the games keep coming, and even when the lists shrink down there's still tons to choose from. Midnight Club 3 and Jade Empire hogged most of the gaming limelight this week, but did that even phase Mr Driller? Nope, he and the rest of the games hit the shelves as hard as they could, begging for any leftover attentiont the market had to give.

Next week, in addition to the usual games, we get the UMD movies for the PSP. Seven of them all come out on one day, and for all those people who find playing a game just too tiring and can't put a DVD movie into mpeg-4 format and transfer it to a memory stick, they'll be the best thing ever. Maybe. Meanwhile on the gaming front, Xbox reigns supreme. Sure, the PSP and DS get a game apiece, and there are a couple of things for the PC and PS2, but with Unreal Championship, Wrestlemania 21, and the triumphant return to gaming of Tim Schafer on Psychonauts, Microsoft's platform is looking to have happy days, indeed.

Week of April 11 - April 16

Tuesday, April 12

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (PS2, Xbox)
Street racing game featuring checkpoint racing, full car licenses, and a car-pimping magazine tie-in.

Jade Empire (Xbox)
Action RPG with lots of martial arts, character customization, and moral choices.

Mr Driller 2 (GBA)
Arcade-style game with lots and lots of drilling through colored blocks, starring the son of DigDug.

Wednesday, April 13

Dead to Rights II (PS2, Xbox)
Gritty action game with bullet-time and an attack dog.

Portable baseball.

Thursday, April 14

Cold War Conflicts: Days in the Field 1950 - 1973 (PC)
Real-time strategy set in the heart of the cold war.

Worms World Party (N-Gage)
Turn-based 2D side-view battling with Worms.

Friday, April 15

Yourself Fitness (PS2)
A program designed to create and help with an exercise regimen. A blessing for the sedentary gamer.

Week of April 18 - April 23

Tuesday, April 19

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (Xbox)
The newest Unreal game, now with optional third-person view and melee weapons.

Polarium (DS)
Tetris meets Ikaruga. A puzzle game with a black/white theme.

Stronghold 2 (PC)
Strategic castle building, management, and warfare.

PSP UMD Movies

House of Flying Daggers
Kill Bill Volume 1
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Pirates of the Caribbean
Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Wednesday, April 20

Stolen (PS2, Xbox, PC)
Sneaky thiefing stealth action.

Ford Mustang Racing (PS2, Xbox)
Racing. With Ford Mustangs. Honest.

Psychonatus (Xbox, PC)
Insane platformer in which the levels take place in the imaginations of truly weird people.

ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails (PSP)
A portable entry in the long-running four-wheeling racer.

Smartbomb (PSP)
Puzzle game where bombs need to be defused.

Killer 3D Pool (GBA)
Portable pool

Pacman Pinball Advance (GBA)
Pinball in handy Pac-Man format.

Scrabble Blast (GBA)
Portable Scrabble

Thursday, April 21

WWE Wrestlemania 21 (Xbox)
The latest in WWE action.

Hugo: The Evil Mirror (GBA)
Puzzle/platformer for the young'uns.

Popeye: Rush for Spinach (GBA)
Side-scrolling racing game.

Dungeon Lords (PC)
3D fantasy action RPG.

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