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Weekly Report, 6/12

Summer: When the gaming industry tells us to go outside and play.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
June 12th 2006, 07:50AM

It's hard to get excited about some weeks, but there's usually at least a little something worth noting kicking around. This week practically screamed “general mainstream audience”, though, with movie, sports, and puzzle games dominating the list. Thankfully, Gradius and GTA popped up to add a bit of spice.

Next week is a bit more exciting, though, with a great Street Fighter Alpha collection joining Armored Core in keeping things hopping. Also of interest is the Metal Gear graphic novel UMD, which trades the tactile comfort of holding a book for a huge level of interactivity. On the downside, a $20 graphic novel can be read by anyone, but a $20 UMD needs a $200 piece of hardware to run.

Week of June 5 – June 10

Tuesday, June 6

Cars (PS2, Xbox, GC, PC, DS, PSP, GBA)
Pixar's newest movie gets the obvious racing game treatment.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2)
A PS2 port of a PSP game, set in GTA3's city.

Big Brain Academy (DS)
More brain training from Nintendo.

Magnetica (DS)
Zuma-ish colored balls in a line puzzler.

Wednesday, June 7

And1 Streetball (PS2, Xbox)
Street basketball.

MLB Slugfest 2006 (PS2, Xbox)
Arcade baseball.

Puzzle Challenge: Crosswords and More (PS2, PSP)
Puzzles ripped straight from the comics page of your local newspaper.

Astonishia Story (PSP)
Classic-style 2D RPG-ing.

Gradius Collection (PSP)
Gradius 1-4 plus the formerly import-only Gaiden.

Race Driver 2006 (PSP)
An update of TOCA Race Driver 2.

The Movies: Stunts & Effects (PC)
Adding more toys to The Movies' toybox.

Week of June 12 – June 17

Tuesday, June 13

Moto GP 2006 (X360)
Motorcycle street and track racing.

Major League Baseball 2K6 (GC)
A few months late, but the Gamecube version is finally here.

Wednesday, June 14

Urban Chaos: Riot Response (PS2, Xbox)
Urban adventure FPS where the player is actually the good guy for once.

AMF Xtreme Bowling 2006 (PS2)
Making a valiant attempt at portraying bowling as an extreme sport.

Armored Core: Last Raven (PS2)
Giant robot fighting and customization.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (PS2)
Street Fighter Alphas 1-3 with Pocket Fighter as a bonus.

Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel (PSP)
Big comic on UMD.

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Falzar (GBA)
The Mega Man RPG series continues...

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Gregar (GBA)
...on two separate cartridges, Pokemon-style.

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