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Weekly Report, 8/1

Enjoy the calm now, because the holiday release schedule starts in a month.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
August 1st 2005, 07:04AM

Let's see now... We've got a console port of a PC game in Black Hawk Down, a new Nippon Ichi battle strategy RPG with Makai Kingdom, xtreme sports Outlaw Tennis, and not one but two farming games in a matched set of Harvest Moons. Not only that, the Harvest Moons are transgendered versions of previous games in the series. Yep, it's summer all right.

So, lacking a real topic, lets look at two smaller titles. One is recently out, one is MIA, but both look to suffer the same fate- a confusing release schedule. Nanostray was listed las week as technically coming out on July 22, but that's really an approximation. EB didn't carry it, Gamestop only got it in this week, and Toys R Us isn't sure when it arrived. Basically it just showed up one day, which can't be good for a game DS owners had been anticipating. Worse yet, Toys R Us isn't an average enthusiast destination in the same way the gaming stores are, and with Gamestop only just getting it in late last week, and in limited numbers, there's been a lot of scrambling around from people who'd actually like to play Nanostray.

And now there's Graffiti Kingdom, a game that will probably get better distribution overall but also has a confusing release. It was supposed to be out last week, was announced as shipped on Friday the 29th, and isn't slated to arrive at EB/Gamestop until next week some time. Will Graffiti Kingdom arrive at other stores earlier? Will the gaming stores have it show up mid-week despite their listed dates? There's no telling, but seeing as Capcom managed to get the $20 niche title Flipnic on store shelves exactly when promised, I'd really like to know why titles like Nanostray and Graffiti Kingdom can't get the same service from the gaming industry's distribution network.

Week of July 25 - July 30

Wednesday, July 27

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (PS2, Xbox)
First-person military action based on the infamous Somalia '93 incident.

Makai Kingdom (PS2)
Nippon Ichi doing what they do best- turn based battle strategy with a fun story. Plus prinnies.

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (Gamecube)
Farming and lots of it, now starring a female main character. The console version focuses more on socializing with the townsfolk.

Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)
Yet more farming, and now with a female main character. The GBA version is more focused on the mechanics of running the farm.

Friday, July 29

Outlaw Tennis (PS2, Xbox)
It's like tennis, but with attitude. Possibly even xtreme 'tude.

Week of August 1 - August 6

Tuesday, August 2

Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike (Xbox)
A tactical squad-based military shooter so bad-ass, no other games dare to come out in the same week.

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