Weekly Report, 8/14 Feature - The Next Level

Weekly Report, 8/14

Counting down the summer, one game at a time.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
August 14th 2006, 07:23AM

Only two games last week? Well, it's hard to complain when one of them is Dead Rising and the other is the first Super Robot Wars/Taisen ever to hit the US. Small in content, large in coolness.

Next week looks a bit busier, with a few leftovers from last week showing up in addition to some titles that will probably be next week's stragglers. Heading the charge is the first real FFVII spin-off (cell phone games don't count), Dirge of Cerberus, followed by Q?'s first console game, Ninety Nine Nights. Deep Labyrinth keeps Atlus busy, being their fourth handheld title in three weeks, with more on the way. Xyanide provides twin-stick shooty action for those who just can't get enough on Live Arcade, and Monkeyball finally lands on the PSP a few weeks late. Not bad, all told, especially if the smaller titles actually arrive in stores at a decent speed.

Week of August 7 – August 12

Wednesday, August 9

Dead Rising (X360)
Quite possibly the single greatest zombie-killing game ever made.

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation (GBA)
Turn-based battle strategy anime giant robots. Oh yes!

Week of August 14 – August 19

Tuesday, August 15

D1 Grand Prix (PS2)
Budget-y racing.

Pirates: The Legend of Black Buccaneer (PS2)
The Legend of Black Katt gets a sequel. Rains of blood and boiling seas to follow.

Wednesday, August 16

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge or Cerberus (PS2)
Action-shooter Final Fantasy spinoff.

N3: Ninety Nine Nights (X360)
It would be easy to call it a Dynasty Warriors clone. Really, really easy.

World Racing 2 (Xbox, PC)
Another sim/arcade racing hybrid.

Xyanide (Xbox)
Twin-stick arcade shooter. The finest kind of gaming.

Deep Labyrinth (DS)
Touch-screen FPS dungeon crawling.

Freedom Wings (DS)
Jet fighting.

Konductra (DS)
Colored tile organizing puzzle-y stuff.

Payout Poker and Casino (PSP)
Winning fake money, one casino game at a time.

Super Monkeyball Adventure (PSP)
Monkeyball goes from simple arcade to platform adventure.

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