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Weekly Report, 8/21

If you listen carefully, the ghost of NFL 2K can be heard screaming in the wind.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
August 21st 2006, 07:34AM

It's been a pretty quiet summer so far, which is kind of unusual seeing as the pre-Christmas season slam of titles had been getting earlier and earlier every year. This time last year saw a significantly larger number of games, almost half again as many. Blame the next-gen and the attendant rise in development costs, it's still weird to see the Xbox and Gamecube disappear as quickly as it's happening.

Still, it wasn't a bad little week all told. Final Fantasy led the way with a Ninety Nine Nights follow-up, but the smaller profile games held their own as well. Deep Labyrinth dungeon-crawled onto the DS, while Tenchu followed it up with a sneaky stealth release. The original Xbox even got one more cool indie title in the form of Xyanide, which was nice to see.

Next week, however, is all about Madden. The football juggernaut tolerates no competition, and aside from a few odds and ends (Pac-Man World Rally, anyone?) has the week to itself. It's weird to realize that there's an entire class of people owning game systems for just that one series.

Week of August 14 – August 19

Wednesday, August 16

D1 Grand Prix (PS2)
Drift racing.

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge or Cerberus (PS2)
Action-shooter Final Fantasy spinoff.

N3: Ninety Nine Nights (X360)
It would be easy to call it a Dynasty Warriors clone. Really, really easy.

World Racing 2 (Xbox, PC)
Another sim/arcade racing hybrid.

Xyanide (Xbox)
Twin-stick arcade shooter. The finest kind of gaming.

Deep Labyrinth (DS)
Touch-screen FPS dungeon crawling.

Payout Poker and Casino (PSP)
Winning fake money, one casino game at a time.

Dark Star One (PC)
Free roaming, space faring, ship-to-ship combat adventure.

Friday, August 18

Pirates: The Legend of Black Buccaneer (PS2)
The Legend of Black Katt gets a sequel. Rains of blood and boiling seas to follow.

Tenchu: Dark Secret (DS)
Sneaking into retails on padded ninja feets.

Week of August 21 – August 26

Tuesday, August 22

Madden NFL 2007 (PS2, GC, X360, Xbox, DS, PSP, GBA, PC)
The only football game that's allowed to matter.

Freedom Wings (DS)
Jet fighting.

Bad Day LA (PC)
Post-disaster survival in LA. The difference between before and after is negligible at best.

Wednesday, August 23

Pac-Man World Rally (PS2, GC, PSP, PC)
Kart racing- the genre that wouldn't die.

World Championship Poker: All In (PS2, PSP)
More fun with cards.

Rapala Trophies (PSP)
Gone fishin'.

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