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Xbox E3 2006 Media Briefing Highlights

Viva la next-gen! Microsoft reveals its next lineup of titles for the 360 and PC.

Article by Long (Email)
May 10th 2006, 08:30PM

Though I maintain myself as the optimist, what was the deal with Sony’s conference and showing off the new Genji? Lots say that some games are so gorgeous that you can capture any given scene and it’d be fit to print. Genji wouldn’t be good enough to replace rotting wallpaper. Ignore the clichéd setting and monochrome settings, but the zillion bad guys slasher was tired well before Koei took over, especially one that doesn’t even have the zillion bad guys.

The retarded boomerang controller was unceremoniously dumped, in favor for a duplicate of the current Dual Shock. Normally, we would’ve been up in arms over having to use the virtually same controller for a decade. But now that we’ve seen the alternate dystopia in which a new generation of kids grow up with mangled and clubbed hands after using the boomerang, the Dual Shock is looking like the cure for cancer in wireless, rumbly form. So was Sony playing it foxier than usual? Who else can see a parallel between this and New Coke? And then throw in that the Dual Shock is aping the Wii’s controller of recognizing player movements? Well played, Kutaragi. Well played.

So the day after, this put Nintendo in its best position: that of the underdog. How many times have we laughed at Nintendo at their follies, only for them to command their legions to do their bidding and win us over eventually, too? It was time for Nintendo to do their insurrection trick again. What happened, guys? No price announcement. No supreme killer app. No surprises. Just four guys on stage playing air tennis. Yoshi’s Island 2 and Super Mario Galaxy were pretty rad, but were tossed off rather quickly and there’s no way either will be playable at E3. Maybe Nintendo’s saving their surprises for the actual show, but if the conference was any indication, I’ll just harass some people in Pictochat at the booth and then go over to Microsoft’s.

And Microsoft’s going to have a real presence. And not just at the show, but also well after. Reader, put your defense plans into motion because Microsoft has just initiated World Domination: Phase C. Once upon a time, Sony’s online plans (totally free, nice community, yadda yadda) appeared they might give Microsoft a run for their money. But after today’s conference, online PlayStation 3 looks like two cups and a string. Cross-platform Gamertag identity; communication between cell phones, Xbox, and PC; seamless gaming between platforms; beaming Gamertag information from cell phone to cell phone; Microsoft has big plans and I’m still too tipsy too know whether to be excited or afraid.

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