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 Return to the Depths in GOSUB 2!

2600 Connection, publisher of several homebrew Odyssey² games, has announced their next release: a sequel to 2012's GOSUB!. Here is the official announcement:


2600 Connection is proud to release GOSUB 2 for the Odyssey²/Videopac system. Here is a description of the gameplay:

After hearing about more treasure on a nearby coast, you hop in your trusty submarine and take off. The treasures are still located in caverns of coral, so you'll have to be careful in the 20 levels of undersea action in this game!

Take control of your submarine as you travel through the caverns in search of the exit. Oh no! You seem to have attracted the attention of one of the local denizens – a giant octopus! He pursues you from level to level. Your submarine is armed with a torpedo. It's too small to kill the octopus, but it will drive him away for a short while. Can you make your way to safety? Or will you find your final resting place under the sea? Best of luck in your quest for riches!

GOSUB 2 was programmed by Chris Read. Chris is also the programmer and designer of GOSUB! for the Odyssey²/Videopac system. (GOSUB! was also published by the 2600 Connection and quickly sold out in the summer of 2012.)

The price of the game is $25 (U.S. dollars) and shipping. ($6 for USA addresses, $15 everywhere else in the world.)

A manual is included as well as a clear plastic storage box. A limited run of 100 boxed, serial-numbered cartridges of GOSUB 2 were produced. The cartridges are compatible with both NTSC and PAL systems.

For more information, please visit the 2600 Connection's GOSUB 2 page.

 Odyssey² Homebrews in Atari2600Land

In yet another example of how time and the Web have blurred the once-clear lines separating video game consoles, a programmer using the Internet handle Atari2600Land has become a prolific author of Odyssey² games. (You may know Atari2600Land better as Chris Read, author of GOSUB! and the brand-new GOSUB 2.) Retrogaming site hit8b.it has provided a quick roundup of Atari2600Land's new games, including GOSUB 2 and the awesomely-titled The 50 Foot Tall Stalk of Celery. Read it here.

 New from Revival Studios: Down! and Mage 3

Revival Studios, producer of numerous Odyssey² and Videopac homebrew games, has several exciting offers for O2 fans.

First up (pardon the pun) is Down!, Revival's latest homebrew game. In this twitch game, you must maneuver your character through gaps in a vertically-scrolling maze with split-second timing. Here is more information about Down! from Revival's official announcement:

Your village is under attack! Fleeing into the depths of the caves, there is only one way to go: Down!!!


  • First game to achieve smooth scrolling in multicolor!
  • Enhanced game graphics on Videopac+ consoles
  • Available for both Videopac and Odyssey²
  • Large animated character sprite
  • The Voice support

Price: 39 euros + 6 euro Worldwide S&H

View the YouTube trailer

Next is Revival's announcement of the third and final game in the Mage trilogy: Mage 3: The Final Journey. Help Wizzy find his father in this large world, which is four times the size of the original game!

Two years ago Wizzy started his quest to find his father in Mage: The Enchanted Crystals. Last year he got trapped between two worlds, but was able to find his way back. Now his adventure ends here in Mage 3: The Final Journey.


The game plays more like Mage: The Enchanted Crystals than Mage 2: The Dark Mirror, except in a much larger world. There is also the addition of guarded treasure rooms that keep special items such as keys and checkpoint-saves. At four times the size of the original, the game is the biggest Mage game to date. It is also the first game to feature fully animated double-resolution sprites for all in-game graphics.

Game features:

  • Playable on Videopac and Odyssey² consoles
  • High resolution backgrounds on Videopac+ consoles
  • Large world with more than 60 screens
  • Fully animated Double Resolution in-game sprites
  • Multicolored sprites and backgrounds
  • Checkpoints to save progress
  • Guarded treasure rooms
  • Digitized speech using The Voice add-on
  • Internet high-score uploading
  • Online rewards system

The game will have a regular cartridge release of 80 units. The games are 39 euros each. Worldwide S&smp;H is 6 euro. Refurbished plastic Videopac cases for the games are also available for an additional fee.

There are also 20 copies of the collector's edition for 99 euros. Since demand is high for these, you can express your interest and Revival will throw dice to determine who gets the copies and inform those selected in mid-June.

Revival is also celebrating the release of Mage 3 by offering the first two Mage games at a discount rate. Mage: The Enchanted Crystals and Mage 2: The Dark Mirror (both the "light" and "dark" editions) are available for 35 euros each. S&H is 6 euro worldwide. You will also get a FREE plastic Videopac case for the first game you order.

Important note: for some reason, Revival Studios' web site is inaccessible from many ISPs based in the United States. If you are unable to see the site, try their Facebook page instead.

 Explore the Dark Dungeon!

Videopac homebrew publisher Videopac Is @live has announced their latest release. The newest title is another exploration game by prolific homebrew author Rafael Cardoso: DARK DUNGEON. Here is more information from the official announcement:

Dark Dungeon Dark Dungeon

You're professor Dam Yzark and you're in the Dark Dungeon looking for treasures. As the name says, it's dark – and it also contains traps, so professor Dam needs to move carefully! All he has to help him is a collection of maps, a matchbox and great courage.

  • There will be two versions because the program needs a speed adjustment for the European release.
  • The game uses The Voice features.
  • Limited run: 50 copies for Odyssey² and 50 copies for Videopac+

Price is 29€ – the plastic case is not included.

  • A common plastic case for Odyssey² can be added for 4€ more (no cracks)
  • A crystal-clear plactic case for Videopac+ can be added for 8€ more (no cracks)
  • When you buy a complete version, you can buy the prints of the other version for 2€ more
  • Shipping: 7€ (11€ with tracking) for Europe
  • Shipping: 9€ (13€ with tracking) for rest of the world

We accept payment by PayPal to videopac.is@live.be

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