By Egoitz Campo

Editor's note: the Basque and Derio Tournaments of Videopac G7000 are small contests in Basque Country near northern Spain, held for the first time in May 2020. This article is about the second tournament held in late August 2020. You can read about the inaugural event here.

Last week, we organized the I.Derio Tournament of Videopac G7000, the Odyssey² of Europe. We played in Derio and we gathered in total 6 players: 4 adults and 2 children. We enjoyed playing Videopac, but unfortunately after finishing, the console stopped working. Mysteriously, after playing for more than an hour, I turned it off and after a few hours when I tried to turn it on again, the television could not find the channel. I will try again or else I will have to do something else – fix it or buy another.

We will gather again in May of the next year to play the II.Basque Tournament of Videopac, but before it we will have to fix this machine or buy a new one.

We played five games: Cosmic Conflict, Air Sea-War, Pairs, Munchkin and Pickaxe Pete.



The score is in parentheses; for example the number of spaceships destroyed.

  1. Alexander Martínez 4 points (17)
  2. Andi Erromo 3 points (15)
  3. Luis Getxo 2 points (10)
  4. Egoitz Campo 1 point (9)
Air Sea-War
  1. Egoitz Campo 2 points (5)
  2. Luis Getxo 1 points (4)
Cosmic Conflict
  1. Egoitz Campo 3 points (8)
  2. Darlyn Mendoza 2 points (3)
  3. Lander Campo 1 point (2)
  1. Darlyn Mendoza 3 points
  2. Andi Erromo 2 points
  3. Egoitz Campo 1 point
Pickaxe Pete
  1. Egoitz Campo 4 points (16 points)
  2. Luis Getxo 3 points (15)
  3. Alexander Martínez 2 points (11)
  4. Lander Campo 1 point (2)

Classification of the
I. Derio Tournament of Videopac G7000

  1. Egoitz Campo 11 points (Basque Country)
  2. Alexander Martínez 6 points (Nicaragua)
  3. Luis Getxo 6 points (Basque Country)
  4. Darlyn Mendoza 5 points (Basque Country)
  5. Andi Erromo 5 points (Basque Country)
  6. Lander Campo 2 points (Basque Country)