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Perhaps a better name for this section would be, "Consoles sold in Europe... and France." Generally, all consoles sold in Europe and the UK were made and distributed by Philips and were the same. But in France, Philips licensed its technology to several different companies, each of which came out with their own versions of the machines. Philips even renamed and repackaged some its own consoles for French sale.

European Console Equivalency List
Radiola Schneider Siera
G7000 C52 - - Jet 25 7000 G7000
G7200 N60 - - Jet 27 7200 -
G7400 - Jo7400 JO 1450 Jet 47 74+ G7400
G7401 - - - Jet 471 741+ -

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Philips was the principal manufacturer and distributor of Odyssey²-compatible "Videopac" consoles throughout Europe. A number of different Philips models were available.

Philips Videopac G7000 was the European version of the Odyssey². It looks practically the same as the American console, although interestingly, the G7000 has no power button -- the word "G7000" appears in its place. You turn on the console simply by plugging it in. The words "Videopac Computer" are stenciled to the left of the cartridge slot. Some G7000 models have hardwired black joysticks (with black fire buttons), while others have detachable silver joysticks. There are also two different G7000 box styles; one showing a happy family with mom & dad, and another, more "computerized" design, that shows only kids. Like most European electronic devices, the G7000 runs on the PAL electrical standard. However, most (but not all) G7000 cartridges will still function on American Odyssey² units.

Availability: Common
Philips Videopac G7000

Philips Videopac G7000, CSV Video-Traffic Games Edition - This set wasn't officially sold; it was given to primary schools in a small region of West Germany. The package consisted of a G7000 and two special games -- Verkehrsspiele 1 and Verkehrsspiele 2 -- that were used to teach children how to behave on the street. The set is nothing more than a repackaging of a regular Philips G7000. The package comes with a special "Video-Traffic Games" sticker affixed to the TV screen depicted by the box art. It contains a regular G7000, the two games, and some documentation. These sets are extremely rare.

Availability: RARE
Philips G7000, Traffic Edition

Philips C52 is the French version of the G7000. Released in 1979, it is physically identical to the G7000 except for its name and identifying marks. All writing on the console is in French instead of English. Some C52 models have black joysticks, while others have silver controllers. At least three different C52 box designs are known: one shows a boy and girl playing the black-joystick model, a second shows a hand pressing a key on the black-joystick model, and a third shows a practially identical photo of a hand pressing a key on the silver-joystick model. Being French, the C52 likely outputs a SECAM television signal.

Availability: Scarce
Philips C52

Philips Videopac G7200 is truly an unusual item. Released only in Europe, it is basically a G7000 with a built-in black-and-white monitor. It has a smaller keyboard than other units, and black joysticks. This unit could be considered a "portable" if not for its extreme heaviness. There are VERY few of these. It is reported that a prototype version of an American G7200 exists as well.

Availability: Scarce
Philips Videopac G7200

Philips N60 is an extremely rare variation of the G7200 with a darker blue-gray plastic casing that is somewhat smaller in size. Cartridges plug into the right side of this unit, and joysticks attach in the back.

Availability: RARE
Philips N60

Philips Videopac G7400, the European version of the Odyssey3 Command Center, saw limited release. A handful of enhanced-background games (the "Plus" series), and G7400-only releases accompanied the console in Europe only. The games and consoles are not common, but certainly not impossible to find.

Availability: Scarce
Philips Videopac G7400

Philips Videopac G7401 is essentially identical to the G7400, but uses a Péritel plug for video output instead of a normal TV antenna plug. The Péritel is a standard French 40-pin connector, equivalent to SCART, which allows video input devices to be directly recognized by televisions without setting up a channel.

Availability: RARE
Philips Videopac G7401

JopacBrandt Electronique

Brandt Electronique, now the ElcoBrandt Group, is a leading French manufacturer of home appliances. In the G7000's heyday, Brandt had a licensing arrangement with Philips that allowed the French company to repackage and distribute Videopac games in France under its "Jopac" label. In addition, Philips licensed G7400 technology to Brandt for production and distribution in France.

Brandt Electronique Jo7400 is otherwise known as the Jopac console. While it uses the same hardware and is compatible with the G7400, it looks quite different. It is flatter than other Videopac consoles, and has a slightly different membrane keyboard, and detachable joysticks. This console only came out in France.

Availability: Scarce
Brandt Electronique Jo7400

Continental Edison/SABAContinental Edison/SABA

Continental Edison is a large French manufacturer of television sets, telephones and personal computers. I know less about SABA, but I suspect it to be another French television maker. Regardless, the companies teamed up to produce a console based on Brandt's Jo7400.

Continental Edison/SABA JO 1450 is a company variation of the Jo7400 that came out only in France, probably released in late 1983 or even as late as 1984. The unit ouputs a SECAM video signal and is designed to work on the 220V/230V 50 Hz power standard. It contains a Péritel (SCART) port in addition to an RF cable. Continental Edison/SABA's machine is of the same basic design as the Jo7400 and even boasts a Jopac logo, although it is on the opposite side of the cart slot. The console has different identifying logos than the Jo7400, and the keyboard looks a bit different as well. The JO 1450's joysticks are beige, like the Jo7400's. This machine is very rare.

Availability: RARE
Continental Edison/SABA JO 1450


Philips licensed its Videopac technology to Radiola la Radiotechnique, a large French electronics manufacturer, for production and distribution in France. A number of Radiola-branded consoles are available.

Radiola Jet 25 is the version of the G7000 distributed by Radiola. It is identical to the C52 with the exception of its logos and identifying markings. Some (all?) Jet 25 consoles use the SECAM television standard. Reportedly, Jet 25 consoles were packaged in at least 2 or 3 different kinds of boxes. The only one I've seen shows a console, television, Videopac logo, and the words "JET 25" (in red) with a vanishing point effect. It has a very '70s, disco look.

Availability: Scarce
Radiola Jet 25

Radiola Jet 27 is Radiola's version of the G7200. Again, the consoles are nearly identical except for the Jet 27's dark navy blue housing. It can also be connected to a separate television monitor through a Péritel connector. A Jet 27 with a white casing was pictured in a Radiola catalog, but it was apparently never released that way.

Availability: RARE
Radiola Jet 27

Radiola Jet 47 is the Radiola version of the G7400. The design of the console is physically the same, except that the plastic surrounding the keyboard is a dark color instead of the G7400's standard silver. The keyboard itself also has some minor differences in terms of how the keys are labeled.

Availability: RARE
Radiola Jet 47

Radiola Jet 471 is the Radiola version of the G7401. The box for this is blue; it shows a console and a TV screen under the words "Jet 471" (in red). The box also shows the Videopac+ logo.

Availability: RARE
Radiola Jet 471


Schneider is yet another company that licensed Videopac technology to distribute its own consoles in France. A number of Schneider models were available.

Schneider 7000 is the name of Schneider's G7000 console. Physically this console is identical to the G7000 other than the logos and the fact that the keyboard is labeled in French instead of English.

Availability: RARE
Schneider 7000

Schneider 7200 is the Schneider version of the G7200. It features a built-in screen, and is a dark navy blue, almost black. It is rumored that a white version exists also, but this is unconfirmed. Other than its color and identifying marks, this console is essentially identical to the Philips version.

Availability: RARE
Schneider 7200

Schneider Videopac 74+ is the Schneider version of the G7400. Physically the console closely resembles the Philips version, but like the Radiola Jet 47, the plastic panel surrounding the keyboard of the Schneider 74+ is a dark color instead of silver. Unlike the Jet 47, the 74+ has words stenciled above the power switch.

Availability: RARE
Schneider 74+

Schneider Videopac 741+ is the Schneider version of the G7401. Physically it is identical to the Schneider 74+, but contains an additional Péritel (SCART) port.

Availability: RARE
Schneider 741+


Siera Electronics is a manufacturer of electronic and audio equipment that was founded in the Netherlands (but is now based in Belgium). Siera, like Radiola, distributed Videopac games in France under its own company name. The company also distributed its own versions of the G7000 and G7400.

Siera G7000 is Siera's version of the G7000, with only slight physical differences to the Philips version. The Digital Press Collector's Guide reports that this console is less "flat" than the G7000, and has a power switch, which the G7000 lacks.

Availability: RARE
Siera G7000

Siera Videopac + G7400 is Siera's version of the G7400. t looks practically identical to the Philips version except for a large Siera logo placed next to the power switch. A very rare and obscure item. I've only recently become aware that this console even exists!

Availability: RARE
Siera Videopac + G7400