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The Philips Odyssey was Brazil's version of the Odyssey². The "2" was unnecessary because the Pong-like Odyssey consoles were never sold in Brazil. The console looks practically identical to U.S. systems, except that it has two Philips logos stenciled onto the right silver frame. The logo is on a raised plastic rectangle, and lacks the "2" after "Odyssey." Two black, hardwired joysticks accompany the console, as does a trapezoidal power supply that sports an Odyssey logo. The console box features writing in Portuguese. Brazilian consoles came packed with Fórmula 1!/Interlagos!/Crypto-Logic!.

Availability: Scarce
Brazilian Odyssey


Odyssey² - My information on Canadian consoles is still a bit sketchy. Console model CC7600 GY02 seems to have been exclusively distributed in Canada. It features hardwired black joysticks, a standard RF cable, raised logo and NES compatible power supply. I don't know what other console models may have been sold in Canada, but I suspect that many were just imported as-is from the United States. Some Canadian console boxes contain writing in French and English; "The Ultimate Computer Video Game" is also "Le Summum du Jeu Electronique Video." Canadian consoles probably came packed with a copy Speedway!/Spin-Out!/Crypto-Logic! in special French/English packaging. In French, the game is La Course Folle!/Téte-A-Queue!/Crypto-Logic!.

Availability: Uncommon
Canadian Odyssey²


Kooton Odyssey² (ォデッセイ 2) - In Japan, the Odyssey² was distributed by Kooton Trading Taitari Enterprises (a division of DINGU company), which I suspect was a Japanese toy company. According to Sylvain De Chantal ("SlyDC"), the consoles were made by North American Philips and sold in Japan in December 1982. The original price in Japan was 49,800 Yen (that's about USD$205.84, based on the December 1982 exchange rate).

Apparently, Kooton Enterprises simply imported Odyssey² items from America and stuck some Japanese-language stickers on the packaging to make the merchandise sellable in Japan. The distinguishing mark of Japanese console packaging is a silver sticker placed diagonally near the upper right corner of the box. This sticker features the word "Odyssey2" written in the Japanese katakana alphabet. Japanese Odyssey² games feature a similar sticker on the side of their boxes, and come with cheaply made Japanese-language insert manuals. Kooton consoles came packed with the ever-popular Speedway!/Spin-Out!/Crypto-Logic!, or, as its name translates from Japanese, Speedway/Runabout/Ango Kaidoku ("code break"). Kooton consoles have been reported with both flat and raised logos.

Japanese Odyssey² items are very rare and information about the subject is scarce; in fact, it took a lot of research just to dig up this limited amount of data. Thanks to SlyDC, Gamengai, and especially to TV Game Kan, where I originally found the above photo.

Availability: RARE
Kooton Odyssey²