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Welcome to the Games Database! This section is meant to be a guide to all the games that are directly related to the Odyssey². That includes not only Odyssey² and Videopac G7000 games, but also the "Plus" games, as well as the few titles announced by Odyssey for other consoles (the Probe 2000 series). I hope to make this section as complete as possible by constantly adding game descriptions, box scans, screenshots, and other data. Keep in mind that the Database is a "work in progress," and there will always be blanks left to fill in.

How to Read a Database Entry

  • Game Details: Vital information about the game, including its Publisher, Release Date, Rarity, Designer and Programmer. If a review is available, a link will be provided. COMING SOON: You can also submit your own ratings score for the game in this area (if applicable).
  • Title: The game's title. For multilingual European releases, this will be the game's English title.
  • Series: The series to which the game belongs (example: the Challenger Series). This field chiefly applies to American game releases.
  • Cart #: The number that was assigned to the cartridge by its publisher.
  • Cart Varieties: This area lists all label variations and cartridge types that are known to exist for the game. If a photo is available, a color Cartridge icon will be shown, and you may click on it to view the photo. If no photo is available, a black-and-white Cartridge icon will be shown.
    Color Cartridge Icon = Photo Available Black-and-White Cartridge Icon = Photo Not Available
  • Sample DB Entry

  • Screenshots: Screenshots of the game, usually captured with O2EM. If multiple screenshots are available, "Next" and "Previous" buttons will be enabled below the screenshot. Click on them to cycle through the different shots. Click the "Zoom In" button to see an enlarged view of the current screenshot.
  • Box Varieties: This area lists all box variations* that are known to exist for the game. If a photo is available, a color Box icon will be shown, and you may click on it to view the photo. If no photo is available, a black-and-white Box icon will be shown.
    Color Box Icon = Photo Available Black-and-White Box Icon = Photo Not Available

    *A note on plastic boxes: In some parts of the world, Odyssey/Videopac publishers distributed their games in hinged plastic boxes. These didn't have printed covers, just clear plastic through which the front of the instruction manual could be seen. In effect, the manual functioned as the box cover. Therefore, in this database, the plastic box variations are actually manual cover variations. Make sense?
  • Tagline: The advertising tagline for the game. Note: European games do not have Taglines.
  • Game Information: If available, additional information and trivia about the game will appear in this area. This area may be divided into multiple sections that cover specific aspects of the game, such as Easter Eggs and ROM Hacks.
  • Equivalent Games: Most Odyssey² games were released with different names in multiple regions of the world. This area lists all games in all regions that are equivalent to the game being displayed. You may click on a game title in this list to view its Database entry. Note: The current game will also be shown in this list. It will be highlighted.

Note: Whenever you see the Question Mark icon ( Question Mark Icon ), place your mouse pointer over it to see some additional information. This icon will usually be used to provide detailed descriptions of box and cartridge variations.

Database Sources

Information in the Database, especially the information pertaining to rarity and packaging and label variations, comes from a number of online and print sources, including:

I'd like to thank each of these sources for providing such useful and valuable information.

Other Contributors

This Database wouldn't be half as complete without the contributions of Odyssey and Videopac fans from around the globe. Thanks to: Arnoud Helmantel, Marcello Iannuzzi, Rikard Ljungkvist, Moonbeam, Marcelo Ribeiro, Nico Sapin, Simon Scudder, René van den Enden, Victor E.J.S. Vicente, Tim Whalen, Michael Worrall, and anybody else I may have missed.

I Need Your Help to Make the Database Better!

Your comments are welcome, particularly if you notice a performance or data error. Please click here to submit all errors, omissions, and corrections. Thanks!