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Welcome to the Games Database! This section is meant to be a guide to all Odyssey² and Videopac G7000 games, but also the "Plus" games, as well as the few titles announced by Odyssey for other consoles (the Probe 2000 series). I hope to make this section as complete as possible by constantly adding game descriptions, box scans, screenshots, and other data. Keep in mind that the Database will always be a work in progress with blanks left to fill in.

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Database Sources

Information in the Database, especially the information pertaining to rarity and packaging and label variations, comes from a number of online and print sources, including but not limited to:

I'd like to thank each of these sources for providing such useful and valuable information.

Other Contributors

This Database wouldn't be half as complete without the contributions of Odyssey and Videopac fans from around the globe. Thanks to: Arnoud Helmantel, Marcello Iannuzzi, Rikard Ljungkvist, Moonbeam, Marcelo Ribeiro, Nico Sapin, Simon Scudder, René van den Enden, Victor E.J.S. Vicente, Tim Whalen, Michael Worrall, and anybody else I may have missed.

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Your comments are welcome, particularly if you notice a performance or data error, or if you'd like to contribute a scan. Please click here to submit all errors, omissions, and corrections. Thanks!