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# 9428Alien Invaders—Plus!
Game Details
Region: U.S.A.
Publisher: Magnavox
Year: 1980
Programmer: Ed Averett
Rarity: 1
Review: Available
Average Rating: 2.9 (Out of 5)
Known Box Varieties
Box FrontBox BackCardboard
Known Cart Varieties
Cart Photo Not AvailableAC9428
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A fiendish new dimension comes to one of the most popular arcade games of all time!
More Information
This game was inspired by Space Invaders of course, but really doesn't measure up. Still, Odyssey² arcade clones were notable for adding a "twist" to their coin-op inspirations, and this one is no different. The big twist here is the Merciless Monstroth, which replaces Space Invaders' flying saucer. The saucer was a harmless target; the Monstroth is a deadly menace. This game also features an interesting twist when your laser base takes a hit. When struck, the laser base vanishes, leaving your robot pilot vulnerable to enemy fire. But if you can guide the pilot to one of your fireproof bunkers without being hit, you'll acquire a new ship!
Beast InvadersBeast Invaders: A graphics hack by Ken "Grimlick" Scott that changes the Merciless Monstroth into an insectoid character from the animated series Transformers: Beast Wars. A minor change, but there it is. You can download the hack here (click on the Odyssey2 link under "My Hacks").
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