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# 09Computer Programmer
Game Details
Region: Europe
Publisher: Philips
Year: 1978
Programmer: ?
Rarity: 3
Review: Not available
Average Rating: 4.0 (Out of 5)
Known Box Varieties
Box Front Photo Not AvailableBox Back Photo Not AvailableShiny Cardboard
Box Front Photo Not AvailableBox Back Photo Not AvailableMatte Cardboard
Box Front Photo Not AvailableBox Back Photo Not AvailablePlastic with Number
Box FrontBox Back Photo Not AvailablePlastic without Number
Known Cart Varieties
Cart Photo Not AvailableType A
Cart Photo Not AvailableType B
Cart Photo Not AvailableType C2a
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More Information
This cartridge allows you to program the G7000 in pseudo-Assembler language. It came packaged with a thick, spiral-bound manual that introduces programming concepts and provides some samples.

There are two versions of this cartridge. One is identical to the American release and was manufactured in the United States. The other was manufactured in France and has some slight differences. In particular, one of the undocumented instructions shown below does not function in the French-manufactured cartridges.
Easter Eggs
Undocumented Instructions: With instruction 06 it is possible to toggle I/O port P10 of the system, and with 0A it is possible to read a joystick (put 0 or 1 in the accumulator for both instructions). The first instruction has an indeterminate use (maybe Magnavox once planned to put a LED in the cartridge?). With the second, it may be possible to test the correct functioning of a joystick. Unfortunately, the joystick instruction does not work in the Computer Programmer cartridges manufactured in France. (Submitted by René van den Enden)
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