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for the Odyssey² and Other Systems

In the United States, the Odyssey² was released and supported by Magnavox, (and later by its parent company, North American Philips). Magnavox/Philips released a total of 47 cartridges in the American market. Imagic later got into the act by releasing two cartridges.

The Odyssey3 Command Center was planned for a U.S. release but ultimately never made it to store shelves. This next-generation console would have been backward-compatible with Odyssey² cartridges in addition to offering new, technologically advanced games. Some prototype Odyssey3 cartridges are known to exist.

Philips's Odyssey division attempted to tap into the videogame market in the mid-1980s by releasing software for other consoles under the "Probe 2000" label. Only one title -- War Room for the ColecoVision -- made it to the mass market. Some announced titles exist as prototypes; the rest have not yet been discovered in any form.

Some "homebrew" games have been released in the U.S. recently. Consult the Homebrew Section for more details.

The U.S. "exclusives" are Nimble Numbers Ned, Sid the Spellbinder, and Type & Tell, which never made it to other countries because they require The Voice module. The Voice was never released outside of the United States, although a Brazil release was planned. The Odyssey3 Command Center prototypes are also unique to the U.S., although near-equivalents of certain games exist for the Videopac+ G7400 in Europe. Ralph Baer's Pinball! was released in limited quantities in Las Vegas, Nevada, so it could also be called a U.S. "exclusive."

Adventures of the Pink PantherU.S.A.PhilipsAC9542n/a
Adventures of the Pink Panther (Atari 2600)U.S.A.Probe 20003152VCPR
Adventures of the Pink Panther (ColecoVision)U.S.A.Probe 20002152CLn/a
Air Defense (ColecoVision)U.S.A.Probe 20002153CLn/a
Alien Invaders—Plus!U.S.A.Magnavox94281
Alpine Skiing!U.S.A.Magnavox94182
Armored Encounter!/Sub Chase!U.S.A.Magnavox94031
Attack of the Timelord!U.S.A.Philips94454
Casino Slot Machine!U.S.A.Magnavox94263
Clean Up Yer ActU.S.A.Philipsn/a
Computer Golf!U.S.A.Magnavox94102
Computer Intro!U.S.A.Magnavox94063
Conquest of the WorldU.S.A.Philips94316
Cosmic Conflict!U.S.A.Magnavox94111
Demon AttackU.S.A.Imagic720075-1A5
Electronic Table Soccer!U.S.A.Magnavox94233
Flashpoint (ColecoVision)U.S.A.Probe 20002148CLn/a
Freedom Fighters!U.S.A.Philips94361
Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt, TheU.S.A.Philips94344
I've Got Your Number!U.S.A.Magnavox94132
Invaders from Hyperspace!U.S.A.Magnavox94141
K.C. Munchkin!U.S.A.Philips94351
K.C.'s Krazy Chase!U.S.A.Philips94422
Keyboard Creations!U.S.A.Philips94334
Killer Bees!U.S.A.Philips94474
Las Vegas Blackjack!U.S.A.Magnavox94011
Lord of the Dungeon (Atari 2600)U.S.A.Probe 2000n/a
Lord of the Dungeon (ColecoVision)U.S.A.Probe 20002147CLPR
Nimble Numbers NedU.S.A.Philips94394
Out of this World!/Helicopter Rescue!U.S.A.Magnavox94192
P.T. Barnum's Acrobats!U.S.A.Philips94433
Pick Axe Pete!U.S.A.Philips94372
Pocket Billiards!U.S.A.Magnavox94242
Power LordsU.S.A.Philips94488
Power Lords (Atari 2600)U.S.A.Probe 20003149VCPR
Power Lords (ColecoVision)U.S.A.Probe 20002149CLPR
Quest for the Rings, TheU.S.A.Philips94293
Sherlock Holmes Consulting DetectiveU.S.A.PhilipsPR
Showdown in 2100 A.D.U.S.A.Magnavox94161
Sid the SpellbinderU.S.A.Philips94384
Take the Money and Run!U.S.A.Magnavox94122
Type & TellU.S.A.Philips94403
War of Nerves!U.S.A.Magnavox94172
War Room (Atari 2600)U.S.A.Probe 2000n/a
War Room (ColecoVision)U.S.A.Probe 20002153CL3