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for the G7000, G7200, G7400, and Compatible Consoles

The European G7000 market was complex and difficult to describe. Netherlands-based Philips introduced the Videopac G7000 console (equivalent to the American Odyssey²), and then the G7200 -- a G7000 with a built-in screen -- and issued cartridges throughout the continent. Most cartridges came printed with multilingual titles -- English, French, German, and so on. However, Philips licensed its technology and games to other companies for distribution in specific countries (notably France), where they were often re-titled. Some of the later games published by Philips were developed by a company called GST Video. Over 60 released cartridges and prototypes are available from Philips.

Imagic was active in the European market as well, releasing two cartridges on its own and licensing Demon Attack to the French company Thomson-Brandt, where it was released with enhanced graphics as Demon Attack +.

Parker Brothers later entered the G7000 market by issuing four cartridges and announcing others -- including Tutankham and Spider-Man -- which were not commercially released but have since been discovered in prototype form.

Radiola, which seems to have been a brand owned by Philips, marketed Philips games in France. Apparently, the Radiola brand was established to market lower-quality (but less expensive) products to a wider consumer base. Radiola games do not differ appreciably from Philips games except for the word "Radiola" instead of "Philips" on the packaging and cartridge labels.

Siera was another European distributor of Philips products, perhaps limited to Belgium. Like Radiola, Siera seems to have been a wholly-owned brand of Philips. The games are identical to those from Philips except that they have Siera logos and less ornate cartridge labels.

A German organization called CSV issued Verkehrsspiele 1 and 2. These educational games were distributed to schools in part of West Germany to teach children about traffic safety. The games were produced by Philips, which also released Verkehrsspiele 1 in Germany as Kinder im Verkehr 1. No Philips equivalent of Verkehrsspiele 2 has been discovered.

Philips eventually produced the Videopac G7400, which was essentially equivalent to the unreleased American Odyssey3 Command Center console. This advanced system was backward-compatible with G7000 software and could also play enhanced games with high-resolution graphics. Two types of G7400 games were produced. The first consisted of enhanced G7000 titles with special background graphics, called "Plus" titles. The other type of G7400 game made full use of the system's graphical abilities and these games are incompatible with G7000 consoles.

The French company Thomson-Brandt manufactured its own version of the G7400 called the Jo7400, or "Jopac" console. Brandt then proceeded to license some G7000 titles from Philips, and to produce its own original games. Therefore, the Jopac line consists of some G7000 and Plus titles licensed from Philips, some Plus versions of G7000 games that Philips never released Plus versions of, and some original Jopac games. Some of these, like Chez Maxime, are compatible with the G7000, and some of which, like Moto Crash+, work only on the G7400. Brandt also licensed Demon Attack from Imagic and released a Plus version of it. Brandt called Jopac games the "TO.TEK Editions."

What are the European "exclusives?" Most Philips, Imagic, and Parker Brothers titles were also issued in Brazil, but Backgammon, Blobbers, and 4 in 1 Row seem not to been released outside of Europe. A number of prototype games have been discovered that are unique to Europe. The G7400 was publicly released only in Europe, so the Plus titles can't be found anywhere else, although some of them have rough equivalents in American Command Center prototypes. Many Jopac (both Plus and non-Plus) games can only be found in France. Also, the traffic safety games are apparently unique to Germany.

4 in 1 RowEuropePhilips403
AcrobatsEuropeJopacVXA A068
Air-Sea War/BattleEuropePhilips042
Air-Sea War/BattleEuropeSiera047
American FootballEuropePhilips032
ArmadaEuropeJopacVXA A028
Attrape la BalleEuropeRadiola195
Baby FootEuropeJopacVXA D028
Basket GameEuropePhilips262
Basket/Bowling +EuropeJopacJFA E038
Bataille NavaleEuropeRadiola045
Bataille sous MarineEuropeRadiola165
Billard +EuropeJopacJXA D038
Billard AméricainEuropeRadiola355
Catapult +EuropeJopacJXZ A048
Catch the Ball/Noughts and CrossesEuropePhilips194
Champ de BataileEuropeRadiola305
Chez MaximeEuropeJopacVXT A088
Chinese LogicEuropePhilips174
Combattants de la LibertéEuropeRadiola395
Computer ProgrammerEuropePhilips093
Conquest of the WorldEuropePhilips418
Cosmic ConflictEuropePhilips112
Cosmic ConflictEuropeSiera117
Cosmos +EuropeJopacJFA C018
Course de VoituresEuropeRadiola013
Course de VoituresEuropeSiera017
Crazy ChaseEuropePhilips442
Dam BusterEuropePhilips292
Demon AttackEuropeImagic720075-1A5
Demon Attack +EuropeJopacJXT C078
Depth Charge/MarksmanEuropePhilips162
Des Chiffres et des LettresEuropeJopacJFT D0310
Die Suche Nach Den RingenEuropePhilips425
Electronic BilliardsEuropePhilips352
Electronic Ice Hockey/Electronic SoccerEuropePhilips362
Electronic Table FootballEuropePhilips272
Electronic VolleyballEuropePhilips282
Eroberung der WeltEuropePhilips415
Exojet +EuropeJopacJXT C058
Flipper +EuropeJopacJFA D018
Flipper GameEuropePhilips242
Foot AméricainEuropeRadiola035
Football de TableEuropeRadiola275
Football électroniqueEuropeRadiola365
Freedom FightersEuropePhilips392
FroggerEuropeParker Brothers9815023
Glouton et VoracesEuropeRadiola385
GolfEuropeJopacVXA E029
Grand Prix +EuropeJopacJFA E018
Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt, TheEuropePhilips464
Guerre de l'EspaceEuropeRadiola115
Guerre LazerEuropeRadiola185
Jagten på RingeneEuropePhilips427
Jeu de PaniersEuropeRadiola265
Jeu de QuillesEuropeRadiola065
Jeu de QuillesEuropeSiera067
Jumping AcrobatsEuropePhilips332
Killer BeesEuropePhilips523
Kinder im Verkehr 1EuropePhilipsV8
La Conquête du MondeEuropePhilips416
La Quête Des AnneuxEuropePhilips425
Labyrinth Game/SupermindEuropePhilips322
Labyrinth Game/SupermindEuropeSiera327
Las VegasEuropeRadiola235
Las Vegas GamblingEuropePhilips232
LaserEuropeJopacVFA C028
Laser WarEuropePhilips182
Le LabyrintheEuropeRadiola325
Le Monstre de l'EspaceEuropeRadiola225
Le Mûr MagiqueEuropeRadiola295
Le Trésor Englouti +EuropeJopacJFT A108
LégionEuropeJopacVXA A018
Les AcrobatesEuropeRadiola335
Les satellites attaquentEuropeRadiola345
Les Satellites AttaquentEuropeSiera347
Logique ChinoiseEuropeRadiola179
Loony BalloonEuropePhilips54PR
MagibrickEuropeJopacVFA A058
Maths AmusantesEuropeRadiola135
Mith & MathEuropeJopacVXA B019
MonsterEuropeJopacVXA C028
Moto-Crash +EuropeJopacJXT E059
Mousing Cat, TheEuropePhilips473
Nact VluchtEuropePhilipsPR
Pairs/Space Rendezvous/LogicEuropePhilips022
Pairs/Space Rendezvous/LogicEuropeRadiola026
Pairs/Space Rendezvous/LogicEuropeSiera027
Phantom HouseEuropePhilips53PR
Pickaxe PeteEuropePhilips432
Play TagEuropePhilipsPR
Playschool MathsEuropePhilips133
PopeyeEuropeParker Brothers9815194
Prendre l'Argent et FuirEuropeRadiola125
Q*bertEuropeParker Brothers9815173
Quest for the RingsEuropePhilips424
Robot CityEuropePhilipsPR
Satellit +EuropeJopacJXA C048
Satellite AttackEuropePhilips342
Satellite AttackEuropeSiera347
Secret des PharaonsEuropeRadiola216
Secret des PharaonsEuropeSiera217
Secret of the PharaohsEuropePhilips213
Shark HunterEuropePhilipsPR
Space MonsterEuropePhilips224
Space MonsterEuropeSiera227
Spelet om VärldsmaktenEuropePhilips416
Speurtocht Naar De RingenEuropePhilips425
Spider-ManEuropeParker BrothersPR
StadiumEuropeJopacVFA E048
Stone SlingEuropePhilips202
Super BeeEuropePhilips504
Super CobraEuropeParker Brothers9815053
SyracuseEuropeJopacVXT A078
Take the Money and RunEuropePhilips122
Ten Pin Bowling/BasketballEuropePhilips062
TutankhamEuropeParker BrothersPR
Verdens ErobringEuropePhilips416
Verkehrsspiele 1EuropeCSV9
Verkehrsspiele 2EuropeCSV9
Western +EuropeJopacJXA A028