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for the Unreleased Odyssey3 Command Center
U.S.A. (Odyssey3)

The "next-generation" follow-up to the Odyssey² was engineered, developed, and heavily promoted, but ultimately was never released in the American market. However, there are a few known prototype consoles out there, and a handful of prototype games as well. The Command Center was developed to play three types of games:

  • Standard Odyssey² games
  • Enhanced Odyssey² games - These games are identical to their Odyssey² counterparts, except that when played on a Command Center, they would display beautiful ColecoVision-quality backgrounds. These enhanced carts would also function in normal Odyssey² units, only without the special backgrounds. Known prototypes of this game style include the Odyssey3 versions of Attack of the Timelord and Pick Axe Pete.
  • Command Center games - All-new games designed to take advantage of the Command Center's advanced capabilities. These games will not function on a standard Odyssey². The only known prototype in this style is Flash Point.

Although the Command Center was cancelled, it actually did make it to the market, in a sense. The technology was re-engineered into the Philips "Plus" console, the Videopac G7400. Also, most Odyssey3-enhanced games appeared on the G7400, sometimes with graphical tweaks. Odyssey3 Killer Bees, for example, has a red stripe pattern in the background, while the G7400 version shows a yellow honeycomb. The Odyssey3 games Baseball and Flash Point were not released in Europe.

Attack of the TimelordU.S.A. (Odyssey3)PhilipsPR
BaseballU.S.A. (Odyssey3)PhilipsPR
FlashpointU.S.A. (Odyssey3)PhilipsPR
Freedom FightersU.S.A. (Odyssey3)PhilipsPR
Killer BeesU.S.A. (Odyssey3)PhilipsPR
Pick Axe PeteU.S.A. (Odyssey3)PhilipsPR