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Europe (G7400)

The "next-generation" follow-up to the Odyssey², the Odyssey3 Command Center, was developed in the United States but was never released there. However, it was re-engineered for the European market, where it became the Philips Videopac G7400. Like the Command Center, the G7400 can play three types of games:

  • Standard Videopac G7000 games
  • Enhanced G7000 "Plus" games - These games are identical to their G7000 counterparts, except that when played on a G7400, they would display beautiful ColecoVision-quality backgrounds. These enhanced carts would also function in normal G7000 units, only without the special backgrounds. Games of this style include the "Plus" versions of Freedom Fighters and Cosmic Conflict.
  • G7400-only games - All-new games designed to take advantage of the G7400's advanced capabilities. These games will not function on a standard G7000. Games of this style include Norseman and Trans American Rally.

Thomson-Brandt also published G7400-compatible games for its "Jopac" line.

Air BattleEurope (G7400)Philips58+8
Basket BallEurope (G7400)PhilipsPR
BilliardEurope (G7400)PhilipsPR
Clay PigeonEurope (G7400)Philips56+PR
Cosmic ConflictEurope (G7400)Philips11+4
FlipperEurope (G7400)PhilipsPR
Freedom FightersEurope (G7400)Philips39+4
Helicopter RescueEurope (G7400)Philips59+8
Killer BeesEurope (G7400)Philips52+4
Loony BalloonEurope (G7400)Philips54+4
Neutron StarEurope (G7400)Philips55+7
NightmareEurope (G7400)Philips53+4
NorsemanEurope (G7400)Philips56+8
Pickaxe PeteEurope (G7400)Philips43+4
RaceEurope (G7400)Philips01+6
Satellite AttackEurope (G7400)Philips34+4
Stone SlingEurope (G7400)Philips20+6
TerrahawksEurope (G7400)Philips51+8
Trans American RallyEurope (G7400)Philips60+8