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Canada shares the world's longest undefended border with the Odyssey²'s country of origin, so it made sense for O2 games to be sold there. But Magnavox faced a problem: many Canadians speak French, so the English packaging made for the American market wouldn't sell up north.

At first, Magnavox solved this by printing cardboard slipcovers that were placed over American boxes. These covers featured the game title and description printed in both French and English, and allowed the box art to be viewed through a hole in the front. A French version of the game's manual (identical to the English version other than the language) was included with each Canadian game. Unfortunately, the slipcovers had to be removed before the boxes could be opened. Many slipcovers were therefore thrown away, making them rather uncommon today. They undoubtedly represented an extra printing cost as well, so they ultimately weren't a very good solution to the language problem.

Right about the time the Challenger Series hit the market, North American Philips started using the same kind of plastic boxes that they used in Europe and Brazil to sell games in Canada. Plastic-box Canadian releases contained French and English manuals, but they also contained a one-sheet of the box art that displayed the game title in both languages. This insert served as the "cover" of the box, and was undoubtedly cheaper to produce than the slipcovers had been.

Canadian cartridge labels are extremely generic and were adhered with cheap glue, so they often fall off. They all feature the same photo of a console and TV screen playing Speedway!, regardless of what game is actually on the cart. French and English game titles are shown above the photo. Occasionally, regular American-labeled carts turn up in Canadian boxes, and it's possible that a few European Videopacs were sold in Canada as well. Videopac 38: Munchkin is frequently seen in Canadian Odyssey² lots sold online.

The Database lists only those Canadian games that have been seen with combination French/English packaging. Each game is listed by its French title to distinguish it from its American counterpart.

Bataille de Blindés!/Chasse Aux Sous-Marins!CanadaMagnavoxAJ94035
Billiard À Blouses!CanadaMagnavox6
Blackjack Style Las Vegas!CanadaMagnavoxAJ94015
Conflit Cosmique!CanadaMagnavoxAJ94114
Confrontation en 2100 Aprés J.-C.!CanadaMagnavoxAK94165
Envahisseurs Extra-Terrestres!CanadaMagnavoxAA94284
Golf Électronique!CanadaMagnavoxAJ94105
Invasion Intersidérale!CanadaMagnavoxAK94146
J'ai le Bon Numero!CanadaMagnavox8
K.C. Broyefer!CanadaMagnavoxAC94355
La Course Folle!/Tête-À-Queue!/Crypto-Logic!CanadaMagnavoxAJ94003
La Grande Chasse de Broyefer!CanadaMagnavoxAC94426
La Guerre des Nerfs!CanadaMagnavoxAK94175
Les Défenseurs de la Liberté!CanadaMagnavoxAC94364
Machine À Boules!CanadaMagnavoxAK94155
Machine À Sous!CanadaMagnavox7
Pierre et la Pioche!CanadaMagnavoxAC94376
Prenez L'Argent et Filez!CanadaMagnavox6
Ski Alpin!CanadaMagnavox7
Soccer de Table Électronique!CanadaMagnavoxAA94235