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"Homebrew" is the label commonly given to games produced by individual programmers for play on systems that are no longer commercially supported. The Odyssey² was treated to its first homebrew -- John's Dondzila's Amok! -- in 1998, about 15 years after Philips ceased official support for the console. After Amok!, Odyssey² homebrew support evaporated completely until 2003, when Kill the Attacking Aliens and Planet Lander! appeared in rapid succession. Recent years have brought even more homebrewed games; here's hoping the trend continues.

Homebrews are original creations. This distinguishes them from reproductions, which are copies of commercial console games produced after official support for the machine was discontinued. Reproductions ("repros" for short) are typically issued for prototype games that were never released through normal channels. Usually, repros are released with custom labels, original manuals and sometimes boxes that are designed to resemble vintage packaging. The first true Odyssey²-compatible repro was Interpol, which was released by Nico Sapin in 2000 after a prototype was discovered in Europe. However, John Dondzila's Odyssey² Multicart, which contains nearly every Odyssey²-compatible game and prototype on a single cartridge and could be also considered a "repro" of sorts, debuted two years earlier. Prototype reproductions have become more commonplace in recent years as the Odyssey/Videopac community has become more organized.

In the Games Database, prototypes and reproductions are treated as separate entities. Original prototypes are listed under the geographical region where they were discovered. All repros, however, are listed here -- regardless of their region of issue. Many game collectors consider homebrews and reproductions to be separate from "regular" collectible games; hence they have been given their own section in the Database.

Amok!Homebrew/ReproJohn DondzilaNone2
Clay Pigeon +Homebrew/ReproPhilips/Nico Sapin62+9
InterpolHomebrew/ReproPhilips/Nico Sapin619
Kill the Attacking AliensHomebrew/ReproXype2
Lord of the Dungeon (ColecoVision)Homebrew/ReproProbe 20002147CL9
Odyssey² MulticartHomebrew/ReproJohn Dondzilan/a2
Pinball!Homebrew/ReproCGE Servicesn/a9
Planet Lander!Homebrew/ReproTed-Foolery2
Pong for Videopac and Odyssey²!Homebrew/ReproPackrat Video Games11
Power Lords (ColecoVision)Homebrew/ReproProbe 20002149CL8