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This Library is an archive of game manuals, magazine reviews, advertising pamphlets and other documents related to the Odyssey² and Videopac consoles. Each document is presented similarly to its original format, and some are also available as PDF files or in text-only format. Some have been translated into English from other languages.

The Library will grow with time, but is small now. If there's a document you can't find here, try Ozyr's Odyssey² Archive.

The Odyssey² Newspaper Archives!

This special section of the Library is a scrapbook of digital clippings from the days of newsprint. Learn what Odyssey² sales your local appliance store had available during the summer of 1981!


Power Lords

The complete U.S. game manual.

Out of this World!/Helicopter Rescue!

The complete U.S. game manual.


The complete U.S. game manual.


The complete U.S. game manual.

ベ ー ス ボ ル (Baseball)

The black-and-white paper manual that came in Japanese copies of the game.

Odyssey Aventura

Winter 1983

The premier issue of the Brazilian Odyssey magazine, with features about upcoming releases, an Odyssey high-score contest in São Paulo, and an article with the young champion of Come-Come (K.C.'s Krazy Chase).


Friends: The Chevy Owners' Magazine, March 1982

This issue exposes "The Video Game Explosion" of the early '80s, and has a cover illustration of a kid captivated by the must-have (well, maybe not) game of that era: Alien Invaders–Plus!

Video Action, Fall 1981

This issue of the '80s magazine for high-end video enthusiasts features reviews of Casino Slot Machine and Showdown in 2100 A.D.


Come-Come (K.C.'s Krazy Chase) Ad, Folha de São Paulo, 2-Oct-1983

Advertisement from the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. Come get him before he eats everything here!

"New Odyssey Cartridges Finally Arrive at Stores," Folha de São Paulo, 1-Feb-1984

Article from the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo describing the upcoming release of Em Busca dos Anéis Perdidos (Quest for the Rings).

Odyssey Advertisement, Folha de São Paulo, 1-Oct-1984

Advertisement from the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. Buy an Odyssey console and get a free Didi cartridge!
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