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The good, the bad and the ugly

Game Reviews!I hope to one day have reviews of ALL Odyssey²/Odyssey³ games here. Unfortunately, it takes time to write these reviews. Also, I don't own a lot of the games out there (for example, I don't have many G7000 or G7400 games). For these reasons, I'm asking for your help. If you've ever wanted to review an Odyssey² game, here's your chance! Please submit your reviews!

To peruse the reviews on this page, just click on the titles in the Review Index to the left. Most reviews include short descriptions of gameplay and some ratings, but a a few games now boast In-Depth Reviews, with longer descriptions, more images, in-line JavaScript effects and more! Whenever you see the graphic (In-Depth), click on it to read the In-Depth Review. Most games with In-Depth will also have a short review for quick reference.

The Reviews have now been integrated with the Games Database. To view the GamesDB entry for a game, click the Game Information link in a Review's left-hand column. When available, click on the box and cartridge pics to see enlarged photos.

Game Ratings

Each game is rated from 1 to 5 (1 = poor) in four categories, by one or more reviewers. In the case of multiple games on one cartridge, each Rating is an average of the Rating of the individual games. The categories are:

  • Play - This is the "playability" of the game; play control, how fun it is, how long you can play before going insane, etc.

  • Graphics - How good the graphics are for the system.

  • Sound - How good the sound is in comparison to other games on the system.

  • Voice - This Rating only applies to Voice games, naturally. It measures how good the game's Voice sound is, compared to other Voice games.

  • Overall - This is an average of all the other categories (not counting the Voice category if it doesn't apply).

The red "Overall Ratings" box at the top left is an average of all the reviewer ratings that are displayed in the table beneath the game review.

Submitting Your Own Ratings

To submit your own numerical ratings for a reviewed game, just click the "Rate It!" button in the red "Overall Ratings" box to the right of the review text. A form will pop up in a new window. Fill out the form and click "Submit," and your ratings will be sent to me via e-mail. If they're complete, I'll add your ratings as soon as I have time, usually within a few days. The ratings are sent anonymously unless you choose to include your e-mail address.