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Cosmic Conflict! Cartridge

Overall Score:
(Out of 5)
Gameplay: 3.5
Graphics: 3.2
Sound: 2.5

An early and fairly sophisticated Odyssey² game that is all but negated by the lack of variations. Controlling the the "Star Fighter Centurion," the player destroys enemy ships, including Imperial Star Fighters ( read: Tie Fighters). Each time you fire, or are hit by a Star Fighter, the fuel total is subtracted. Run out of fuel before destroying 15 enemy vessels and the game is over. Victory or defeat is greeted with a scrolling message from "Star Command."

The controls take a little time to conquer, but gameplay is rather simple; line up the sighting instrument with the enemy ship and fire away. This is one of the few Odyssey² games to have background graphics; stars populate the screen, and the screen scrolls from left to right, also up and down. Unfortunately the lack of game variations, such as a lower fuel total or a higher target number, makes the game incredibly easy to master. So much for this "multi-mode" cartridge, another example of Maganavox's inability to really utilize or engage the Odyssey² mainframe.

All Reviewer Ratings:

J.W. Hunter3.04.03.0-3.3
Michael Worrall5.04.01.0-3.3
Mike Cronis3.02.02.0-2.3
Tim Whalen4.03.05.0-4.0
William Cassidy3.02.01.5-2.2

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