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Overall Score:
(Out of 5)
Gameplay: 4.0
Graphics: 3.1
Sound: 3.6

This game was quite good when released, especially when compared with the little handheld football games that simply had red lines to represent the players. I have spent many enjoyable hours playing this game. The overall graphics are not too good, and it is not realistic. The game itself though is quite good, and does lend itself to more combinations of play than what is stated on the box.

Once you get the hang of passing, which won't take long, try to limit your offense to running plays only. Each play has a certain way to successfully run the ball. It can be very challenging to figure out. Then when you add passes back into your offense, the game becomes enjoyable. I personally like the limited colors and two dimensional graphics -- all Odyssey² games are easy on the eyes. Although not the best game, I highly recommend this one!

All Reviewer Ratings:

Ahsan S4.02.53.0-3.2
David Flemming3.52.03.0-2.8
J.W. Hunter5.03.55.0-4.5
Jim Calhoun3.02.03.0-2.7
Tim Whalen3.02.01.0-2.0

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