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Volleyball! Cartridge

Overall Score:
(Out of 5)
Gameplay: 3.7
Graphics: 2.6
Sound: 3.1

I would like to review a game that seldom gets an honorable or even a dishonorable mention. The game is Volleyball!.

This game, if compared to the real thing, is extremely weak. There really is nothing in the game that resembles the real thing. The graphics are weak; the full sync-sound is OK, but nothing special. So why do I like this game?

Volleyball! is simple video gaming at its best. The computer is a great opponent and is not slow and stupid like a lot of Odyssey²'s "You vs. The Computer" games.

The action gets fast and fierce if you are good enough to keep up with the computer. In fact, some "volleys" get so intense that you forget that you are playing a "weakly" designed game.

If you are playing a human opponent, it is hard to match such great action, unless your opponent is as good as the computer. Now if you have two players who can smoke the computer, then it would be an awesome challenge to win this game!

In a nutshell, if you work at getting good at this game, and look more at the spirit of action than at the graphics, Volleyball! is a really fun game! I highly recommend it!

All Reviewer Ratings:

Jim Calhoun4.02.03.0-3.0

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