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Pink PantherIn the dying days of the Odyssey², North American Philips tried to branch out into producing games for other systems. They were to release these games under the "Probe 2000" label. Probe 2000 planned to release four games on the Atari 2600: Adventures of the Pink Panther, Power Lords, War Room, and Lord of the Dungeon. Of these planned 2600 titles, only Pink Panther and Power Lords have been found. Collector Steve Averitt discovered the first known Pink Panther prototype, and he wrote a review of it for the newsletter "The 2600 Connection." The text of the review is available here. Since Steve's discovery, one other Pink Panther prototype has been discovered. In September 2006, it was sold on eBay for $4,750!

More information on Philips's plans for Pink Panther is available here.

Also see the review of the ColecoVision game War Room, the only Probe 2000 game to be commercially released.

Screenshots courtesy of "The 2600 Connection"

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