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Baseball! Cartridge

Overall Score:
(Out of 5)
Gameplay: 4.6
Graphics: 3.3
Sound: 3.3

Put some stock Odyssey² men on a green field, throw up a white fence and you've got Odyssey² Baseball!. Power-up your Odyssey² unit, press 1 and you're greeted with the "Take me out to ball game" tune. Get out the peanuts and cracker jacks and you're ready to go. Not a graphically sophisticated game (even by Odyssey² standards) but fun nonetheless.

What Baseball! lacks in looks it makes up for in gameplay. This game is best played with 2 people as there is no computer opponent. When you're outfield, you pitch by pressing the action button and control the 3 outfielders by moving the joystick. One of the cool things about pitching is the control you have over the ball after you pitch it. Using the joystick, you can speed the ball up, slow it down or make it curve left and/or right. Catch the edge of home plate and its a strike! With a little practice, you can make it really difficult for your opponent to hit the ball. After a ball is hit, you gain control of your outfielders. If you can intercept the ball with one of your men before the ball stops moving, it's an out. After you've caught the ball, you can throw it to any base to try for that "double-play." When batting you have a surprising amount of control over where you hit the ball. With practice you can become proficient at directing your hits. Swing a little early and the ball cuts left; swing a little late and the ball cuts right. The Odyssey² considers where the ball was pitched and when the bat was swung to determine where the hit will go, making batting challenging when two experienced players are playing. There are many other subtleties about this game that make it a winner. For head-to-head competition on the Odyssey², this game is hard to beat.

All Reviewer Ratings:

J.W. Hunter5.03.03.0-3.7
John Spalding5.03.03.0-3.7
Joseph Castro4.53.03.0-3.5

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