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Xbox 360
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April 11, 2006
EA Games
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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (360)

Suit up marine, you're going back into the battlefield!

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April 5th 2006

The Basics: A "port" in almost every sense of the word, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat at first glance might seem like something of a "been-there-done-that" thing, but don't zone out just yet digital soldiers! Everything from the textures on your boots to the sound of your gun has been rebuilt for the new generation of consoles. You're going back to war in style!

Sure the single player campaign is exactly the same, but a reworked "hot-swap" system removes the line-of-sight requirement for faster gameplay. Tweaked level design will improve the action pace, and the AI is said to be getting bit of schooling as well. Sure the multiplayer modes feature the same maps, but updated physics and graphics introduce new gameplay mechanics. The inner beauty of the Battlefield series remains untouched, and that's what it's all about isn't it?

By focusing solely on updating graphics, sound, and only tweaking gameplay mechanics slightly Electronic Arts and DICE seem to be hoping to capture lightning in a bottle again (and avoid angering players happy with the current status quo). What remains to be seen is how gamers will view Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on the Xbox 360: a highly polished version of a game they've already played, or kick-ass online-focused multiplayer experience?

What do we think? The recently released demo on Xbox Live (let us count the ways we love the Xbox Live Marketplace) allowed us to get up close and person with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat prior to its release in ways we had previously only dreamed. Field reporting has generated the following impressions...

Got to love the new menu system which seems to drop the old clunky and slow loading nature of the Xbox version for a new look. Curiously there seems to be no way to change the layout of the controls. What is unknown is whether this is a demo only issue or something that we can look forward to in the final version.

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