BioShock Preview - The Next Level

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Xbox 360
Release date:
August 21, 2007
2K Games
Irrational Games
Survival Horror


Life under the sea is as creepy as can be.

Preview by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
August 15th 2007

Originally, I planned on a video preview with a full narration, explaining the ins and the outs of this new survival horror experience by the mind behind the System Shock series, but why not let Bioshock speak for itself?

Download the high-quality version(40 megs, wmv format)

The year is 1960. You assume the role of Jack, a not quite so random person who survives a terrible plan crash over the Atlantic. A tower beckons, and underneath is revealed a whole underwater metropolis, where science and morality have been allowed to run unchecked, save for the looming presence of its sponsor, Andrew Ryan.

Life is ruined, dark and crumbling in Rapture, the submerged city left to chaos as its citizens were driven mad. It was genetic experimentation to boost human ability that eroded their sense of right and wrong, but that's a plus to the player, since it provides you with plenty of targets, and a large assortment of weapons to tear into them with. There's the wrench for some pummeling action, with pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and more unusual firearms waiting in the wings. Then there are the plasmids, psychic abilities gained by jabbing a great big needle into Jack's arm to alter his genetic code, letting him toss around lightning like a Sith Lord, burning people on the spot, turning them to ice, or dominating their minds to do his bidding. Fun stuff.

It's not all soft and squishy enemies, however. There are a number of security drones to unleash a hail of lead against you, if you don't reprogram them first with an amazingly cool Pipedream style mini-game. Then come the Big Daddies. These guys resemble giants in classic underwater gear with one big drill for an arm that they're not afraid to use on anyone who dares to pick on their Little Sisters. There's something vaguely terrifying about their ponderous steps, especially when they strike with a quick leap and an unrestrained fury that leaves blood dripping down the battered walls.

There are still plenty of surprises left to behold, but the developer is keeping that under wraps for now, to allow you the player to sink right down into the world of Bioshock when the full game is finally launched.

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