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Xbox 360
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Summer 2006

Enchanted Arms

A look at From Software's exclusive 360 RPG release.

Preview by Ken Horowitz (Email)
May 28th 2006

The Basics: This summer, Ubisoft is set to deliver some RPG love to 360 fans across America, with the release of Enchanted Arms. Developed by From Software, this newest adventure to cross the pond boasts over 50 hours of gameplay in the classic RPG style. It's the first true next gen Japanese RPG for the Xbox 360 to arrive in the U.S., and Ubisoft and From Software are set to keep gamers glued to their HDTVs.

As Atsuma, an Enchanter-in-training, players will struggle to avoid a war that has been brewing for more than a millennia, as Atsuma matures into her people's true savior. Gameplay details are sketchy at this point, but it would appear that our heroine has both fighting and magic abilities. The combat system, while turn-based, is set up so that players have control of their characters during battle (think Grandia). There are more than 75 creatures that can be unlocked and controlled, but how this actually works in combat is unclear. Hopefully it will be something more than just the standard "substitute fighter" option most other games with this feature offer.

What we think? There isn't much information about how Enchanted Arms plays, but one thing is clear: the 360 is thankfully not going to suffer the same RPG drought its predecessor did. Heck, Microsoft's new console already has more RPGs in the works than the original Xbox had during practically its entire life span. Even more important is that most are original games designed to specifically take advantage of the console's power. Enchanted Arms should go a long ways towards getting the 360 more of the all-important Japanese J-RPGs that gamers are so eager to play. Furthermore, Ubisoft has been on real streak the last couple of years, and it's great to see that they're out in full force on the 360, with a real diverse line up of titles. This is definitely going to be one to watch.

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