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Xbox 360
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May 29, 2007
Microsoft Game Studios
Turn 10 Studios
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Forza Motorsport 2

Racing realism reaches new heights... again!

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September 7th 2006

The Basics: Get ready for the sequel to Microsoft's award-winning, fully customizable driving simulator: Forza Motorsport 2! Loaded with highly authentic sim-level physics, "bone-jarring damage" simulation, highly detailed graphics, and "licensed tuning and customization options," the franchise moves into fresh territory on the Xbox 360. Die hard car fans should drool with news that more than 300 of their favorite cars are set to be featured in the sequel! What other racing game on the Xbox 360 can offer such a complete racing experience?

What we think? When you hear that Microsoft's Turn 10 Studio is putting top automotive engineers, professional race car drivers, and experienced programmers together for Forza Motorsport 2 it's hard not to get excited. The original Forza offered an amazing simulated racing experience. How do they improve on customization options, authentic tire physics, and full-featured online modes?

Well, how about real engine sounds recorded from cars running under loads, real traction sounds, and real collision sounds?! If you enjoyed the amazing sounds of Project Gotham Racing 3 you'll be happy to hear that several members of that audio team are now hard at work on doing effects for Forza 2. Compare this to other racing games that think it's enough to just turn on a car and rev the engine for 10 seconds.

The big difference between Microsoft's Forza series and Sony's GT franchise thus far has been real-time damage. Despite years of talk from Sony about how car manufacturers wouldn't allow their cars to be shown damage... apparently it was the limitations of the PlayStation 2 hardware that kept us playing bumper cars all those years. This time around FM2 is said to feature damage "more severe both visually and performance-penalty wise."

Finally, while I'm a big fan of PGR3's online racing options, the inability to customize your ride really becomes a drag after awhile. This is where Forza's detailed and numerous customization options make me drool. Even more exciting are the paint and decal options that allow players to share their love of pink racing-stripes with whole world (built-in photo mode and Forza TV).

Recent talk from the Turn 10 Studios community manager indicates that a final release date will be announced at X06 in late September. Current Vegas-bookkeeping odds place Forza 2 in early 2007.

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