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Xbox 360
Release date:
October 7th, 2008
Day 1 Studios
1 - 12
Third-Person Shooter


Updated with all new multiplayer details.

Preview by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
August 22nd 2008

At E3, all we knew about Fracture's multiplayer mode was it would be a 3rd person, twelve player earth shaking Free for All. Now we know that's only one of the game's playable modes, where you use all the guns and grenades at your disposal to take out everyone else before they bury you six foot under. With the land in constant flux all around you, you can be sure that this isn't going to feel like any old deathmatch.

For more team oriented players, there's Capture the Flag, coming in both single and double flag variants, but don't expect a straight shot to the goal. You're going to have to raise and lower bridges, knock over control towers, and launch yourself above deadly lava to reach the enemy's base. While they're just as likely to drop the ground underneath you, and send you straight into that scalding pit.

Break In is basically assault mode, where your team has to breach the defenses of the enemy and hold up in their scoring zone while they rain death down upon you. Finally, there's Excavation. It's a bit like zones or domination from other games, except here you've got to dig deep to expose that scoring pylon. Then defend it from all incoming fire, as the rival team will be set on destroying it to claim it for their own.

To accomplish all this, there's more than futuristic rifles and ground raising grenades. The vortex grenade produces a big tornado to draw in everyone nearby, to swirl them up and spit them out in one big explosion. For the sneaky, there's the torpedo gun, sending rockets hurtling underground, or using the spike grenade to make a temporary sniper tower. There's also the ice to stop a rival in their tracks and smash them to pieces. Or you can just bowl them over with the boulder gun. Learning how to use all these weapons effectively, along with other techniques like terrain jumping (raising the ground the moment you jump), is how you smash the opposition.

Fracture comes in October for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Also be sure to check out the new multiplayer screens added to the gallery.

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