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Xbox 360
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March 30, 2006
1 - 4

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Tactical warfare goes nex-gen, Ubisoft style.

Preview by Chris Bahn (Email)
January 26th 2006

The Basics: I'd like to go on record by openly admitting that I was never able to get into military squad-based action games. Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, you name it – the interest just wasn't there. Then something happened. The next-generation boom. Suddenly, I feel open to just about anything the developers can throw at me. I can't put my finger on it just yet – but it's safe to say the gorgeous visuals, cool gameplay features and the potential of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter may end up making me a bona-fide fan.

Advanced Warfighter is set in the not-too-far distant future – 2013 to be exact. According to the official story synopsis: the Ghosts have been ordered to participate in a Joint Op Operation designed to capture Mexican military officials who've been supplying Columbian rebels with illegal technology.

The U.S. President has joined the Canadian Prime Minister and the Mexican President in the metropolis to sign the NAJSA (North American Joint Security Agreement) a policy to control illegal immigration and the movement of drugs and terrorists in the hemisphere. During the public signing of the document the three leaders are attacked by Mexican soldiers. The Ghosts are ordered to meet up with Secret Service agents protecting the U.S. President and ensure his safety until he is extracted. While the U.S. president is on route to the Airport, the Ghosts secure the Mexican president. Thanks to the Ghosts' actions, the Mexican President will "Green light" U.S. intervention on Mexican soil in order to bring back Democracy. Unfortunately, the U.S. president never reached the Airport and is now in enemy hands...

From what I've gathered, Uncle Sam has finally put those tax dollars to good use by improving the country's military warfare program. The launch of the Integrated Warfighter System (or IWS, for short) would essentially give soldiers the ultimate selection in advanced firepower, communication tools and most importantly, enhanced protection to aid them in the battlefield. Only the most elite soldiers are privileged to take advantage of this new holistic system. Lucky for you, Advanced Warfighter gives you a crack at being a part of the team. This elite unit is basically like the military equivalent of S.W.A.T. You're the first to intervene with any conflict and the last to retreat; you handle the missions that no one else can.

Now I know the term "next generation" tends to be liberally thrown around like it's going out of style, but Advanced Warfighter oozes with cutting edge elements. Expect all the usual flair of eye candy to be fully represented on the 360, complete with awesome textures, dynamic lighting and tons of particle effects. Since the game is entirely based in Mexico City, one of the world's largest cities – the developers have went to great lengths to deliver a meticulously detailed universe that will offer a complete, immersive experience whilst in the urban battlefield.

Naturally, the multiplayer will be a huge draw for shooter fans and Advanced Warfighter plans to deliver a variety of modes to keep things fresh and exciting. Currently, there's not a whole lot of information known at the moment other than fact the game will include 10 exclusive maps set in Venezuela as well as a cooperative campaign mode designed to test players tactical skills to the fullest.

What do we think? I want this – it's just that simple. After having a glimpse at a few teaser trailers and reading the current information, it's undoubtedly got my full attention. I have to admit that the visuals played a key factor with my decision. Can you blame me, though? Peep our little gallery of screenshots and you'll agree that the quality is nothing short of awesome. I can only imagine just how exciting the single-player campaign is going to be; or even them multiplayer, for that matter. I've got my fingers crossed that a preview build will come across my way so I can offer some actual hands-on impressions. Of course, we'll keep you updated as new information develops.

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is currently in development for all consoles.

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