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Angel Studios
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Lost Planet 2

Kill a giant monster from the inside.

Preview by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
June 4th 2009

I finished the first Lost Planet, and though it was mostly a smooth ride, there wasn't much incentive for another round. What kept me popping LP into my 360 was the depth and originality of the multiplayer mode. Third-person shooting with grapple claws and mechs was fun enough, but the key was the level designs that really took advantage of these elements, making tactics more important than brute skill to secure that final post. Colonies beefed-up the modes, adding new weapons and more unlockables, but it unfortunately failed to bring the single-player to the next level.

Lost Planet 2 is exactly the game fans of the first have hoped for.

Lost Planet 2 is exactly the game fans of the first have hoped for. Forget having even more unlockables and ways to customize your character, put aside the new weapons, and ignore the individual blades of grass rendered with loving detail. You're a snow pirate now, and alongside three other buds, you are going to tear through this thawing planet to make it your own. The Akrid are back, bigger and a whole lot meaner than before. You're going to need one friend to secure the posts that keep your team alive, another to blast the thing's towering kneecaps off in a mech, and one more to play a really unbalanced game of cat-and-mouse to hold this raging monster's attention. Why? So you can literally dive into the belly of the beast, and administer a lead enema.

The mechanics have been overhauled to support the new team play aspect. T-Eng no longer slowly bleeds out, but instead builds up over time, with more gained by securing posts. This is a group pool that's used when someone dies, but also has entirely new applications, like repairing a mech. Mechs that now come in multi-seaters for truly heavy assaults.

There's still going to be a single-player mode spanning six episodes, but Capcom is giving solid reasons for a replay now with a dynamic plot line where the player's actions will have a serious impact on how events unfolds. So you can change things up in a big way when you dive in for a second run, making it feel like a whole new experience.

The team-versus multiplayer modes will all return, with a number of new surprises worked into the mix. Capcom wasn't ready to talk too much about this at E3, but the rewards and ranking system that kept so many people playing way more than they probably should will be back. I just hope those dedicated players that passed the hundred level mark won't have to start completely from scratch when the sequel rolls out.

Lost Planet 2 concept art

Watch gameplay footage of Lost Planet 2 (Windows Media, 1280 x 720, 69.7 MB).

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