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Xbox 360
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January 12, 2007
1 (2 - 16 online)
Third-Person Shooter

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

At the post-Microsoft conference, we test shoot Capcom's new action game.

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May 10th 2006

Hands On: Alright, this'll be brief because my time with the game so far was brief. I approached a Lost Planet kiosk, one of several lined against the wall, next to a table with chocolate fondue and piles of wrapper candy. Lines moved briskly for this one, meaning everybody there was a polite drunk, or Capcom's latest monster mash sucked. Naturally, I find out soon enough.

In the demo, I start near the edge of a cliff. There's a building to the left but the doors appear locked so I make my way around the snowy mountain face. Looking over at the guy next to me and at his screen is like looking into the very near future. The guy's like seven seconds ahead of me, and he's having some trouble. He's surrounded by bug aliens underneath these throbbing red craters on the wall, which, on my screen, is still in the distance.

The Capcom rep starts giving him advice. "You gotta shoot the hives to get rid of them." "Press the L trigger to lob a grenade." "Pick up the orange stuff they leave behind." "How do you zoom in? You press up or down on the d-pad." I take all of that in and look like a pro. I quickly take out each crater hive I see like they're Gauntlet generators and though I'm mucking through powder snow, I weave through the straggling aliens and take them out with machine guns and shotguns. An enormous one comes out of nowhere. I assume an orange sack hanging on its underbelly is its weak point and start lobbing grenades at it and it dies in a shower of "orange stuff." They're these orange gels and I don't know what they do but since I do what I hear and collect them.

I don't know if the level structure opens up as I go into the first door I see. The place is low-roofed, with more machine gun ammo to pick up. Pressing the L and R bumpers does a quick 90 degree turn in that direction. As I put that to use, I recognize I'm surrounded by more of those red crater hives and they're pumping out more aliens. I don't know what the hell's going on, who I am, and what these aliens are doing, but apparently they're not to smart because they're spawning next to barrels. Who doesn't know by now Earth barrels are forces to reckon with. By the time I light up the place with flaming barrel shrapnel, a Microsoft representative comes by and says that this block of kiosks has to be restarted. All of us are in the middle of playing, but no one objects. We're much too nice.

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